Christina Hendricks is Lost at Sea

Even though I’ve never seen a single episode of Mad Men, I know who Christina Hendricks is. She’s that curvalicious gorgeous redhead I see on all the red carpets, usually looking fan-flipping-tastic. This look she sported at the Met Gala however, left me saying “hmm”.

You can click the image to view it full size. The gals over at Go Fug Yourself deemed this one a ‘fug’, and I kinda have to agree as much as I like her. It’s just…so much blue. It kind of cancels out everything that is delicious about her body shape and turns Ms. Hendricks into a pretty face and a massive set of boobs floating on an ocean wave. With some sort of sea debris joining her. The color itself is fantastic against her skintone and with her hair, but this dress just does not do her justice at all.
I would really love to know what anti-gravity sorcery is going on in that bra though. I mean, just being honest, she has a really big chest– duh. I’d love to know what sort of lever and pulley system is keeping “them” so very “up there”. As pointed out by GFY, the look is very Dolly Parton-esque, having her sweater puppets hoiked up to the heavens, but as a large-boobed individual myself I understand why. Both Hendricks and Dolly Parton have something in common– big chest, tiny waist. Observe:
If you don’t “scoop and swoop” and lift them way way up there, you lose all definition in your waist, which will make you appear thicker through that part of your body. They say a good fitting bra can make you look instantly 10 pounds thinner. The bigger your rack, the more dramatic the difference when your slimmer waist is revealed.
All that aside though, the dress. The more and more I look at Christina’s dress, the more awkward that flower ruffle thing becomes. I don’t like how her hair kind of mimics it. If you were to look quickly (or after a few margaritas), it might look as though Christina Hendricks has a second head sprouting out of her shoulder. No really, try it. Including the margaritas. Let me know how that goes for you. I would have loved to see a.) no more floating second head (some other kind of detail there would be fine, but not that one!) and b.) a different hem. Maybe a fishtail hem so that we get to see some leg and a fabulous shoe? I’d also cut off that trailing sash thingy. It seems like an afterthought, like something constructed at the last minute to make the dress more interesting.
What do you think? Do you like her dress? What would or wouldn’t you change?
In addition to all of my qualms with the dress, I’m also not loving her makeup. You’ll have to view the image full size to really see, but it just looks too warm and feverish on her. The blue of the dress makes the cooler undertones in her skin pop more, and then makes the warm makeup look super clash-y. If it had been me doing her makeup (yeah, I can dream, right?) I would have done a soft eye in taupes and chosen a different shade of red (a less orangey tone).
What makeup would you choose?

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