Coastal Scents Brushes?

I placed a small order with Coastal Scents recently. I wanted to give them a completely fair shake. I really don’t like companies that just sell other people’s stuff and act as if its their own (such as putting their name on the wholesale palettes). It’s misleading. But since I hadn’t ordered in ages I wanted to give it a shot and share my experience with you. Plus, I’d been wanting a few brushes anyway. *G*

I will say this, they process and ship lightning fast. Shipping prices seem to have decreased. Their shipping prices are quite expensive if you’re ordering palettes, but my brush order shipped for $2.24 via USPS First Class.

Someone asked me if I could confirm that Coastal Scents just resells brushes from Crown Brush. I can tell you that this is 100% true. I’m not sure if every single brush on their site comes from Coastal Scents, but I know that every single brush in my order is also available on Crown Brush. No, I’m not saying that these are identical brushes. These are the same brushes. They have the Crown Brush serial numbers on them.

My Order (with Crown Brush links in parentheses)

Chisel Angle Fluff Shadow Brush – $2.00 (C150 Angle Fluff; $1.94)
Deluxe Duo Fiber Shadow – $3.95 (C428 Deluxe Duo Fiber Shadow; $4.95)
Duo Fiber Crease Brush – $4.45 (C430 Duo Fiber Crease; $4.49)
Sable Contour Brush – $1.79 (C138 Round Contour; $1.87)
Tapered Duo Fiber Brush – $6.95 (C427 Tapered Duo Fiber Blush; $9.49)

If you’re looking at the prices and getting confused, I’m assuming that Coastal Scents sells them cheaper because they pay Crown wholesale prices, so their per piece cost is going to be far lower than you or I would pay for them individually from either site. Crown Brush is what’s called a private label company. They create awesome products. Companies can pay them to put their logo on Crown products and sell them. Except, in Coastal Scents’ case they don’t bother having them rebranded. The serial numbers on these are Crown’s.

I’m not really for or against them reselling or using private label brushes. Many companies do this. Crown makes brushes for lots of brands. I am really glad that they don’t put their name on them like they do with eye shadow palettes, though. I just want people to know what they’re buying when they order from Coastal Scents. I’m not saying don’t buy your brushes there. They’re good brushes. And you’ll probably save money. But know when you buy them that you’re buying Crown Brushes.

Further review of all of the brushes is coming soon after I have a chance to wash them (they smell weird) and then road test them.

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