CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mascara Review

Ever since CoverGirl came out with Lash Blast and then all of the million ones after that (LB Fusion, LB Volume, LB Amazeballs, I don’t know…) I found myself kind of losing interest. I didn’t particularly care for Lash Blast that much and have tried numerous drugstore mascaras I do like (Rimmel, Revlon). I just didn’t want to keep up with all of the different mascaras it seemed CoverGirl was launching every five minutes. In fact, just for giggles and to prove I’m not crazy, I went to the CoverGirl website and counted. There are 22 mascaras

But then as part of the Vogue Influencer program I received a CoverGirl NatureLuxe mascara to try out and I thought “eh, why not?”. I mean after all it was here in my hands already, and I was thoroughly fed up with L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black (Not)Waterproof mascara (review for that abomination coming shortly).

So what exactly is NatureLuxe mascara? It is a mousse formula mascara that claims your lashes will feel 20% lighter than when wearing other mascaras, and give you 2x more volume than bare lashes. The product description is really vague as to what makes this mascara “nature” luxe, other than there’s honey in it. It says they removed a “heavy synthetic”. They don’t say explain heavy synthetic what. Just because things are synthetic doesn’t make them bad, so the nature part of it seems really gimmicky to me.

As to the mascaras claims, I do feel that it’s very lightweight. Is it 20% lighter than when I wear other mascaras? Hell if I know. How do you measure 20% lighter when it’s your eyelashes. We’re talking about such infinitesimal differences who would really be able to tell? Whatever, haha. The volume is nice, and probably about 2x more than my bare lashes, like it says. I really like the length I get from it too.

Even though it sounds like I’m bashing the mascara, I’m really not. I actually like this mascara quite a bit. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clump my lashes together, and doesn’t smear all over the place despite being a mousse.

And now…pictures! These pictures were taken with one coat only, on my top lashes. I later discovered you can layer this and wore a couple of layers together without it clumping up. Pictures can be enlarged if you need.

Sample provided by the Vogue Influencer Group for consideration and review.


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