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I was doing one of my favorite things…prowling a 24-hour drugstore at a strange hour of the day/night, and stumbled across the Covergirl nail polishes. I have known about them for a while but kind of ignored them. Except in this Walgreens, they were about at eye level. And there was a shade that would NOT be ignored…

cg midnight magic 2

BEHOLD. Covergirl Midnight Magic. It’s a stunning steel blue-grey smoky color with different colors of glitters in it. I saw copper and green, blue, silver… it’s just…well, magic.

cg midnight magic 1

But what I didn’t realize when I bought this polish is that it’s supposed to be super long-wearing. I had no idea that you are supposed to be able to “go topless” with this polish– Covergirl says you should be able to wear this sans topcoat and still get brilliant shine and long wear.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Well, it just so happened that I was being lazy when I applied this. Well, really what happened is I forgot to bring topcoat downstairs with me when I was doing my nails in front of the hockey game. I did 1 coat of Orly Bonder and 2 coats of this polish and figured I’d get around to doing topcoat when I was upstairs, but just forgot about it. THEN while thumbing through a magazine at work (it was work related, promise) I saw the big Covergirl ad talking about wearing this without topcoat.

I was skeptical, but then I looked down at my nails. No chips. Okay.  But it had been less than 24 hours so honestly that SHOULD be expected. “We shall see about that…” I thought.

Except it kept going. I put this polish on 5 days ago, and except for a chip I got while tearing through cardboard it looks just as good as when I applied it, save some very minimal tip wear.

Also, despite the glittery finish it dries smooth. The formula for this polish is flawless. It goes on smooth without dragging, dries in a reasonable amount of time, and looks gorgeous!!

I’m over the moon! They range about $6-$7 each depending where you shop, which isn’t too bad. Also consider that drugstores often have sales and coupons etc. I have some ExtraBucks from CVS and a coupon for some $ amount off my next beauty purchase of such-and-such or more, so perhaps I will be bringing some more of these pretties home with me soon.

Have you tried the CG Outlast polishes?? What did you think?


  1. Nice color. I want to try this!!!

  2. Nancy says

    Wow!! Nice color. Look great!!

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