E.L.F. Black Friday & Cyber Monday

E.L.F. is one of the etailers that sends out hands down the most shopping codes for their website. There’s always something going on. Well for Black Friday and Cyber Monday they do not disappoint!

Black Friday

Through the 29th, you can get your entire order shipped for $1.98! Code is SH198BF and it’s actually working already!

Cyber Monday

E.L.F. is offering some really fantastic specials starting on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving).

70% off minerals. Yes, 70. With a 7. The code is CM70MIN and the offer starts at 3 PM 11/29 and ends 11/30. My source did not specify the timezone but since E.L.F. hails from New York I would err on the side of EST.

50% off studio. The code is STUD50OFF (yes, stud. I lol’ed.) and it runs through 12/6.

50% off bath & body. Code is BTH50OFF. Valid through 12/6.

Now before anyone asks, I have already verified that E.L.F. codes are not stackable. Unfortunately the only downside to these great deals is if you want to utilize more than one, you will need to place a separate order. E.L.F. shipping is $6.95, so just do a little math and figure out if you should use the cheap shipping code or a discount code to save the most money. :)

One more thing…

If you’re going to do some E.L.F. hauling, I’d really appreciate it if you could use my affiliate link. I earn a small percentage from each sale made through that link. I could use the help. 

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