ELF Coupon Codes

ELF has some new coupon codes that are either extended deals or completely new. :)

All 3 offers are good until 6/1/09. Enjoy!

What are my favorite ELF products?

For the lips promo…

– Conditioning Lip Balm
– Super Shiny Lip Gloss SPF 15
– Hyper Shine Gloss
– I’ve also heard good things about the lip liners, though I have not tried them myself.

For the bath promo…Vanilla Coconut is one of my favorite scents. Yum! Pineapple mango is delish too. And the little hand sanitizers are very uh…handy! No, really. They’re good to have around. :)

For the BOGO…
Brushes, brushes, and more brushes. My faves are:
– Studio Powder Brush (flat top)
– Studio Complexion Brush (dome top)
– Studio Contour Eye Brush
– Eyeshadow Brush
– Spoolie
– Smudge Brush
– Blending Eyeshadow Brush
Also, the empty quad palettes fit MAC/UD/Jane etc. size eyeshadow palettes and are quite sturdy. The nail stuffs (especially the nail polish remover pads) and eyelash curlers are worth checking out, too.

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