Favorite Face Masks Round-Up


The winter holiday season is fun, but also stressful! Colder weather, dry weather, traveling, piling on more makeup than usual for special events (c’mon we all do it) – all of these things can send your skin into overdrive if you’re not careful. It’s very important to keep up your skin care routine through these months (well, every month, but especially now). Face masks are an awesome way to boost your skin care routine! There are tons of them out there that will make your face say ‘thanks!’.

Here are my fave masks for targeting several beauty woes…


#1. Pore Un-Clogging: Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask 

Oh my gah. While I do not typically have severe breakouts, for whatever reason it seems my pores are extremely clog-prone. Some of that is hormonal, and apparently the HBC I’m on is notorious for causing skin issues, sigh… but it works well for other things so I just deal with it and take good care of my skin. Anyway, this mask from Origins has been a complete godsend for keeping my pores clear. It smells like a fire pit (duh), and looks like blackface, but man alive does it get the gunk out of your pores. It’s also pretty affordable as far as high-end skin care goes at just $25 at Beauty.com.

#2. Radiance: Freeman Beauty Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask

love the Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful masks, and this pineapple mask is my favorite of the bunch. Pineapple extract is chock full of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which acts as a chemical exfoliant to promote skin cell turnover and more radiant-looking skin. Not to mention it smells really nice. ;) Best part is this mask is just $3.99! And right now (through Nov. 30th) all Feeling Beautiful products are 25% off from Freeman Beauty with free shipping on $25+ orders. Getcha some of this!!!

#3. Zit-Zapping: Proactiv+ Refining Mask (now called the Skin Purifying Mask…whatever)

When a pimple does rear its ugly head, zap that sh*t with the Proactiv+ Refining Mask. Err, excuse me…Proactiv+ has changed the formula and the name to Skin Purifying Mask…but it’s basically the same thing. The mask contains 6% sulfur along with kaolin clay, tea tree oil, and vitamins E and F. There are a handful of active ingredients out there for treating breakouts and for me, sulfur is the most effective. Yes it reeks, but this mask will help reduce the size of a zit and also helps suck out all that excess oil. Cute, huh? The only annoying thing is where to get it. Some malls have kiosques or even vending machines that sell Proactiv, so definitely check into that. I found this seller on Amazon listing tubes for less than $10.

#4. Lots and Lots of Moisturizing: emerginC Scientific Organics Vitality Mask

Eeek, I must first apologize for including a mask that breaks the bank at $50 on my list, but I really love emerginC’s Vitality Mask. It contains loads of moisturizers like shea butter, glycerine, and squalane, as well as co-enzyme Q-10. One thing I like about this mask is that after you let it sit on your skin, you don’t actually have to rinse it. You can just rub it in for a really moisturizing experience. It leaves my skin feeling plump, soft, and nary a dry patch in sight.

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