Garnier Skin Renew Awakening Face Massager

Garnier was awesome enough to donate a bunch of the Skin Renew face massagers for my giveaway, and since I wasn’t familiar with the product I wanted to try it out and let you guys know how I feel about it. I wouldn’t want to give something away if I knew you guys would hate it! ;)

Anyway, this little baby is pretty cool. If you can get past the fact that the packaging makes it look kinda like a sex toy, (cmon, it DOES) you have a really nice product on your hands. It’s a light moisturizer with caffeine and fruit extracts in it that will awaken and refresh your face. The moisturizer is dispensed with a rollerball applicator so that when you massage your face, it applies the lotion (to its skin…bwahaha, sorry. -ahem-).

I had some concerns before trying it. First, would the rollerball effectively distribute the product? The answer is yes, it does! And it feels pretty nice doing it too. I like to really take my time on my forehead & temples. Pretty relaxing. I was also concerned if the lotion would be a good formula for my skin. Since that’s probably what most of you are wondering about, I will tell you about it. It’s lightweight and non-greasy with a pleasant fruity scent as all Garnier skincare has. It feels both hydrating and refreshing on my face in the morning, and relaxing and soothing at night. If you need deep hydration you will probably want to follow with an additional moisturizer. My skin leads more towards oily so I can skip it and just use this if I want to.

One important thing to note…the applicator is not meant to work the lotion in to absorb. It applies it to your skin. After you finish your massage, rub the lotion in with your hands. It just takes a few seconds because this absorbs quickly. I take any excess and massage it on my neck in an upward motion.

Overall my opinion of it is that it’s a nice product and I like it! I am glad I got the chance to try it because I probably wouldn’t have tried it out otherwise. It seemed kind of gimmicky to me, but it actually works!

Have you tried this? What do you think?


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