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I’m a fan of classic, polished beauty looks that just enhance your natural features, so when I got a breakdown of what was used on Dianna Agron for the premiere of The Bling Ring, I wanted to share it with you. Makeup on Dianna was done by Georgie Eisdell, who said she was going for “modern and understated” with this look.

Here’s how Georgie Eisdell did this look…


“I prepared her skin with La Mer Moisturizing Lotion and Eye Balm, giving me beautifully hydrated skin to work with. I evened out her skin tone with CHANEL Vitalumiere foundation and then lightly powdered her skin to set the foundation with La Mer The Powder. I wanted her cheeks to be very subtle with a soft glow so I used Laura Mercier Second Skin Blush in Spiced Cider for contour and color and then added a glow with Giorgio Armani’s Sheer Blush in 3-Beige Rose.”


“Her eyes were my main focus. Using NARS Eyeshadow in Persia and Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color in Terracotta, I mixed the two together to get a rusty orange tone which I used in the crease of her eyes and outer corners, and lightly under her eyes on the outer corners, to create depth and a smokey effect. I then came in with Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color in Ballet Pink in the inner corner of her eyes to create a highlight and a softness to the inner corner of her eye. To finish off her eyes I used YSL Faux Cils Mascara in Burgundy to make her green eyes pop, and to add more depth to the lash line.”


“Finally for Dianna’s lips I used YSL Glossy Stain Beige Aquarelle for a perfect pout that would last all night.”


A lot of the products used were pretty spendy, but I think you could easily duplicate the look with neutrals you already have in your stash. I might even try to do it… ;)

By the way, Dianna Agron’s hair was by Jenny Cho. I like the quirky updo. It’s cute and ‘done’ without overdoing it. I also definitely approve of her mani:

dianna-agron-louis-vuitton-the-bling-ring-los-angeles-6__oPtPhoto: Coco Perez

I LOVE solid white nails. Love love LOVE them. I also love that I can tell you to dupe this look with $1.99 nail polish by Wet ‘n Wild! Somehow I doubt Dianna Agron is wearing $1.99 nail polish though… and yeah this gives her a tiny bit of “lobster hands” and frankly it does on almost anyone, but I don’t care. White nails FTW! 

Let’s talk about her dress though:

130605-otrc-ap-img-bling-ring-premiere-diana-agronPhoto: AP/Todd Williamson

It’s Louis Vuitton. It’s black. It’s tiered. Um? Dianna can do better. I would have liked to see her in a color other than black, but even if she did do all black – why this? It’s a bit, dare I say…matronly… and just boring. Love the shoes (also LV) though.


  1. Lea says

    Ohmy, the brand names are making me drop my jaws. Fortunately, we can all copy every expensive looks with oh-so affordable variations. I love her hair and make up. Great site!

  2. Gotta agree with Lea here.. If only I could afford all those products..! At least we know how she created that look though. We can always emulate it with alternatives. ;)

  3. Lisa says

    Thanks for posting! I agree with Lea and Agnes, if I only it was a bit more affordable. :) Great information nonetheless.

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