Holiday Gift Picks – Stocking Stuffers

Have you ever noticed that when magazines suggest stocking stuffers, some of their suggestions are like $30? I don’t know about you, but in my family stocking stuffers are little goodies, funny gifts, and candy. Anyway, here are some of my top beauty picks for stocking stuffers (or just inexpensive presents to give to friends, family, etc.).

E.L.F. has a ton of really great holiday gift sets starting as low as $3. Pictured above is their special holiday gloss trio featuring holiday flavors. So cute! It even comes in holiday packaging. There are 4 of these $3 stocking stuffer gift sets, including a candy cane gloss set that just looks adorable:

At $3 a pop you can afford to get them for everyone on your list! They’d also make really cute holiday party favors.
E.L.F. has nifty stocking stuffers even for the non-makeup enthusiast. Their bath & body products are only $4 each and come in a lot of really heavenly scents like pineapple mango and vanilla coconut. They aren’t chintzy sizes either!
Inexpensive beauty gits abound at Sephora as well. The luxurious body scrubs with jojoba beads are just $8 apiece and look really pretty in the shower since they come in such fun colors.
The elegant packaging of these Fresh mini mascaras would dress up any stocking, and the pair is $10.
A cult classic item that is sure to be a hit is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This multi-purpose product is great for a lip balm, but also helps relieve dryness or irritation on the skin, including minor burns. This long-time unchanged product has also been updated and released in several other colors & scents like minted rose, brambleberry, and strawberry.
Another way to get good value out of your beauty gifts is to shop beauty minis. Beauty minis are just smaller, cheaper sizes of some of the best products Sephora has to offer from brands like Fekkai, Jonathan, Ojon, Laura Geller, Benefit, and many others.

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