House: Moved

Well, we moved house yesterday. Mostly. As it turns out, lots of sweat and going up and down stairs over and over is great for the thighs and the skin. All the furniture is moved over to the new place but a lot of our other stuff is still in the old place, including my traincases. Yes, I miss them. But we’re going by later tonight to go get stuff and at that point my stuffies will come home with me. However, they’re not getting unpacked for quite a while. It’s low on the totem pole of unpacking…under things like, oh dishes. The move went rather smoothly, but with a couple of noteable glitches. The biggest of which is that we don’t have a fridge. Oops, the apartment doesn’t come with one after all. Erm. Yeah. So we’re borrowing my parents’ mini fridge until we can find something. At least we have something in which to keep the gatorades cold! We also may or may not have destroyed a lamp. We’re not sure if we can fix it.

I still have no internet at home. That won’t be set up until tomorrow. So yet another day of stagnant blogging featuring me rambling on about whatever. I know you’re all very excited about that.

In more makeuppy news, I finally got my greedy little paws on MAC Comet Blue dazzleglass. Yummy.


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