Huge Mail Haul

Okay, so! I don’t normally do haul posts because usually I find them a bit… excessive? I don’t know. But in this case, I wanted to show you what I’ve got so you can help me decide what to review/talk about first! Make sense? Yes. Hope so. It did to me. Comment!

Some of this was sent to me, some of this I bought. But you know I’ll keep it real whatever my opinion is. :)

I used to hate reviewing fragrances, but somehow I developed a love for them. I guess it’s the poet in me that loves comparing how things smell to feelings, experiences, and tastes. Weird, maybe. But anyway! I will be doing a spring/summer fragrance “top picks” or round up, and thought Coach Poppy Flower would be a great one to try with that in mind.

Also with my spring/summer fragrance lineup in mind I am going to be trying out Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! I got the little sniffer sample in an Ulta catalog and omg I love it so much, so I have a feeling this purty lady is going to make an appearance in that round-up as well. (p.s. I already have 2 MJ perfumes I love, so I’m not all that surprised!)

Hair goodies! This is from TRESemmé’s new Split Remedy line. I have the leave-in cream, the serum, and the spray. I love the aqua accents on the packaging don’t you?! I’m not a regular Tres user so if that’s the norm I’m gonna feel like a dork, but I thought it looked pretty. :)

Butter London goodness! I love me some Butter London! So I’m thrilled that I got the matching polish & lip gloss pairs in Snog and Yummy Mummy. I have an extra Yummy Mummy polish…hmm, is it time for another giveaway?

YES! The MAC Tres Cheek blushes! Well, half of them. From left to right these are Modern Mandarin, Full of Joy, and Immortal Flower. I am soooooo excited about these! Full of Joy looks like Lavender Whip in blush form. Wee!!!

MAC lip liners! I’ve been really into these lately. They make good lipsticks because they last for so long, and then they are fun to use to change or play up your lipsticks/glosses too. It looks like 2 of those are the same but I promise they’re different. These are What Comes Naturally (nude), Lasting Sensation (coral), and Entertain Me (orange). These all came out with the Tour de Fabulous collection I believe.

2 new MAC Lipsticks! Did you know I’m a total MAC lipstick fiend? I don’t like calling myself a “lipstick whore” or whatever…but goodness I love me some lipsticks. Which ones are these? You’ll have to wait and see. Oooh, I know!

And finally my one lone MAC Extra Dimension eye shadow. I wanted to try one before I went nuts and got a bunch. This is Warm Thunder. :)

So there you have it! My HUGE mail haul!! This was an epic mail day as all of this stuff arrived on one day. WOW! So…what do you want to see a review of first?! Comment comment comment!


  1. lippysssssss

  2. Butter London! I’m excited for you that you have the matching polish and lip gloss! 

  3. Wyosparkles says

    I soooo want to try one of the MAC extra dimension shadows…can’t wait to hear what you think!

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