I Can Haz Blogger Tag?

I was tagged by Amy over at Cafe Makeup.
Confession: I LOVE blogger tag. <3

Seven Random Things About Yours Truly…

1.  I am a former choir geek. No, like, the choir geek stuff of legend. I am to date the only girl to ever have been (or will be apparently) a member of the men’s chorus in high school. I was in every single choir my school offered at one point or another. Chamber singers, both women’s choirs, the SATB choir, the mens chorus… yeah. I heart to sing. I lettered in choir. :)

2.  I like multiples. In other words, if I find a top I like, I will buy it in a few colors. One is great, more is awesome. I am this way with lipsticks etc. too. Hmm, that must explain the gazillions of MAC lipsticks. <3

3.  I have wanted a dog since I was a little kid and still have never owned one. :3 And I want a poodle. They really are super awesome dogs. Pretty sure Mr. Boyfriend wouldn’t go for a poodle though. We’ll see. ;)

4. Cannot live without: Pandora Radio. No, seriously. If you haven’t heard of Pandora before, where the heck have you been? Check it out. Amazing. And Twitter. I love me some Twitter.

5.   I am a short girl. 5’2″. I like it. I do not wish I were taller. However, finding plus sized clothes for short girls is a huge pain. Boo. It seems like everything’s made for a woman who is 5’6″ or taller.

6.   I’m sort of neurotic about a lot of things. One of them is light. If a room has light that is too ‘yellow’ it drives me insane. Reveal bulbs are the greatest.

7.  I’m a reality tv junkie, but not the super trashy reality tv. I love A&E, The History Channel, TLC, Bravo, etc. Oh and Discovery and Animal Planet. I really wish I got the National Geographic channel too. Some of my favorite shows include Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, Hoarders, Million Dollar Listing, What Not To Wear, Shear Genius, Steven Segal: Law Man (OH my god it’s a hoot), Ghost Adventures (*bro fist*), oh gosh pretty much anything on any of the channels I mentioned. Except I’m not into Real Housewives. Sorry. Oh, and court TV. I love love The People’s Court and Judge Judy. *is a dork*

The second part of this tag is that I should tag 7 bloggers to do the tag too. But I’m feeling passive, so HAY BLOGGERS…if you wanna do this tag, do it. And tell me.

As always, what do you think? Comment! :)

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