Imaginary Makeovers

Sometimes I catch myself looking at a person and putting makeup on them in my head. Like “oh, she would look really good in MAC Spice is Nice lipstick…” and picturing it. Or talking to a guy at the post office, noticing he has dark circles, and wondering to myself what I’d use to conceal them and what shade he’d be.

I haz a sickness. :)

However, sometimes it works out really great. Like when I just knew my mom would look smashing in MAC Sophisto lipstick so I brought it with me and tried it on her. She loved it! Or when I forced my friend to try on a berry lipgloss at The Body Shop and it became her all-time favorite lipgloss. Of course then The Body Shop discontinued it…but perhaps it’s better to have loved and lost? Eh who am I kidding, I’m as bitter about it as she is.

I’m like a makeup matchmaker. Or a makeup yenta, if you will.

So, done any makeup matchmaking lately? How’d it work out?


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