Lawdy. This past weekend I attended both public days of IMATS along with the pro-only event on Friday night and an awesome event put on by Royal & Langnickel on Friday afternoon. It was a very busy weekend! But full of amazing experiences, and lots of fun!
I’d have to say my highlight of the weekend was getting to hang out and chat with two of my makeup idols, Kevin James Bennett & Eve Pearl. Both of them are such talented, gracious, humble, and darling people. It was a really cool experience to meet up with two people whom I admire so much! And to hear from them that they like what I’m doing with The Gloss Menagerie meant the world to me. I’m so inspired to keep doing what I’m doing and being the best I can be! How heartwarming, right? By the way you can follow them both on Twitter – @KJBennettBeauty and @TheEvePearl. 
Speaking of Twitter, I also got to meet up with a bunch of my Tweeple! I spent my weekend paling around and chatting with the likes of @Krissy90220, @aquaheart, @gracechunmua, @LVmakeup, @ambercxr, @TheMakeupSnob, @karinayhmy, @nymphette415, and @Start2FinishMUA, @PurelyCosmetics, @omgbren, @itsjudytime, @nessasarymakeup and @JuneNing. I had a blast with these ladies, some of whom I’d met before and some I hadn’t. I did not get to meet everyone I wanted to though, and that makes me sad facey. But hey, if you’re local to so-cal and we didn’t get to meet up at IMATS, we can still hang sometime! Hit me up on Twitter or shoot me an email. One can never have too many makeup-obsessed friends!
I must tell you guys, IMATS was insane this year. Saturday was sold out and it was a complete mad house. Surprisingly, Sunday was pretty darn crazy too. It was less so than Saturday, but very packed. I’m really fortunate that I was able to attend the pro event, as it was almost the only opportunity I had to really peruse everything at my leisure. 
I will be posting my haulage & more info about individual products I tried/got at IMATS later, but for now here are some fun pictures from the event!
One amazingly bronzed fellow. He was the demo model for South Seas Skincare’s spray tanning. He got progressively browner all weekend, with this being the end result.
Beautiful! Eve Pearl’s cosmetics line (part of the Naimies booth).
The newest stuff from Too Faced – these products aren’t even available yet! I really like the look of the new smoky eye palette.
Naimies carries Lise Watier, a brand that is otherwise only available in Canada. I got a lipstick that I’ll be telling you more about later. 
Some creepy guys “terrorizing” IMATS spectators…
…and singing about it.
Amazing body painting was on display all over IMATS! Just one of the many stunning examples. I cannot imagine being patient or brave enough to stand there virtually naked and be painted…
Body painting by Vargas at the Royal & Langnickel booth. This one was my favorite because it’s just adorable and so amazingly detailed. Super cute model, too. Kind of hard to believe that other than her shoes & hat, all she was really wearing was panties & pasties!
Eve Pearl applying foundation and explaining the Eve Pearl Method to Krissy, who loved the results!
More super fun IMATS stuff to come! Stay tuned! :)


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