Julep April Maven Box Opening

I am loving being a member of the Julep Maven program! It’s like a nail polish of the month club. Membership is about $20 a month, but I think it’s well worth it for what you get! Each month you get 2 full size nail polishes and one other product – or there is also an option that gives you 3 full size nail polishes. Each nail polish normally retails for $14, so that’s already a great deal. Julep lets you choose what you’re getting each month, skip a month if you want, or send it to a friend. And my favorite part – shipping is always free for Mavens! They also offer a discount on other products to Maven members too, so if you see a polish you love on their site you get it discounted and shipped for free. I’d much rather spend $20 and get to choose my full sized products than $10 for a surprise I might not like. Plus, $1 from the sale of every nail polish goes to charity. How can you not get behind that?

Julep has different “types” of styles, so when you join you take a style quiz. This quiz actually does seem to have a bearing on what products are selected for you though, unlike other sampling services. You also get to see what the other style boxes are for the month and decide if you want to stick with the one you’re assigned to or switch. (You can also purchase additional boxes if you really can’t decide…) My style quiz says I’m the American Beauty, and this month I liked those colors best so I went ahead with my assigned box.

However, then they threw us a curve! Because of popular demand, they added an extra feature for April – we could “Add On” up to 2 additional polishes at a special reduced price! Sweet! April’s colors were really hard to choose from, so I’m very glad they offered this! I added two shades, but one of them hasn’t arrived yet. I was going to devote an entire post to that shade anyway though, so it’s no biggie she’s late to the party.

That is how the adorable box came packaged. Everything from Julep always comes adorably packaged. This being the April box it had an Easter theme. There were chocolate eggs in the box! Yum! Each box comes with a card describing the contents and some beauty tips.

Look how cute this is! The set of toe separators is an added extra. They put little extras into most of the boxes. I got a nail file in one of the previous boxes, and in another I got some hand cream samples. But now the good part…the colors!

Here’s what I got! The box came with a good size tube of their “The Best Pedi Creme Ever!” which I was very anxious to try. It has AHA in it and says it exfoliates as well as hydrates and you can start to see results in as little as 1-2 uses. Lofty claims! I will definitely be reviewing that at a later date once I’ve had a chance to use it more.

The polishes from left to right are Renee, Eva, and Penelope. Penelope is my add-on shade. I haven’t tried Eva yet but Renee and Penelope both apply beautifully! They are creme finishes and very easy to work with. I will do full, in-depth reviews later if you want me to. :) When the rest of my nail wheels arrive in the mail (I had to order more because I ran out!) I will probably swatch all of my Julep pretties together and do an overview post. Renee and Penelope both look a little darker in this photo than they appear on the nail – might have something to do with my camera trying desperately to focus the brightness of that pink bag.

Overall if you can’t tell I’m thrilled with this month’s Maven box. If you’re as sold on it as I am and want to sign up, here’s my Julep Maven referral link. You can get your first box for 1 cent with the code PENNY. No, really. A penny. Since you can try it for a penny why not give it a whirl? If you hate it you can cancel afterward, but I don’t think you will want to!

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