Lancome Tonique Radiance Review

A while back during Lancome’s Friends & Family sale I decided to bite the bullet and buy Vissionaire. I’m in love with that stuff. Seriously. And with that purchase I got a deluxe GWP size sample of this toner, Lancome Tonique Radiance.

Lancome Tonique Radiance is an exfoliating/clarifying toner, which to me normally means = eeek! DRYING! RUN! But this toner is actually really gentle even on my normal-to-dry skin. It has pretty high alcohol content, so I’m kinda surprised at how irritating it *isn’t*. Granted I do use a pretty good moisturizer too (my Embryolisse Lait Creme still), so it could be that the moisturizer is enough to counteract any drying effect this might have.

I really like how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel. I also think it helps with the red marks I’ve been so concerned with, and helps breakouts heal faster. It has a relatively pleasant scent, and does a good job of removing trace bits of makeup I’ve missed. I realized how much I like this toner when I looked at the GWP bottle and realized “oh crap, I’m almost out of it!”

Hmm. When that happens, I know I really like something. So I went on Nordstrom‘s iPhone app and checked out the full size, fully expecting it to be really expensive. After all, the Visionnaire I just sprung for is over $80 when you don’t buy it during Friends & Family. Eep! But I was pleasantly surprised – the full size Tonique Radiance is $25 for 6.8 oz. It’s not the price I was expecting for Lancome. Not like it’s cheap, but just… I was expecting it to be even more pricey.

Soooo being further influenced by Nordstrom’s free shipping, I went ahead and ordered the full size. It took me a few months to get through just a 1 oz GWP bottle, so I imagine this 6.8 oz bottle will last me plenty. When you think about it, $25 for something I’ll get 7 months or so out of is really not too bad.

Full Ingredients:

water, alcohol denat., glycerin, fragrance, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, limonene, butylphenyl methylpropional, benzyl salicylate, p-anisic acid, linalool, propylene glycol, rosa gallica extract/rosa gallica flower extract, cryptomeria japonica bun extract, nelumbium speciosum extract/nelumbium speciosum flower extract

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