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I just finished my nightly hair routine and thought I would take a moment to talk about hair. I have pretty low-maintenance hair; I want it to look the best it can with the least amount of effort. Unlike my makeup, I have some products that I will never stray from unless they are discontinued or I develop a sudden allergy or something (it’s happened!). Here’s what I use…

1. Wash with Garnier anti-dandruff shampoo – never going to stray
I have an issue with dry scalp. It’s not actually dandruff but the zinc in the shampoo is so yummy for my sensitive scalp. Before you snub your nose at Garnier since it’s cheapo stuff, I also tried Fekkai shampoo for sensitive scalp and it did not help (although it smells nice). I also tried tea tree oil, jojoba oil, brown sugar…yeah, nothing helped. Even that ghastly Neutrogena T-Gel. And then after all that, cheapo Garnier saved the day. I’m on bottle #3 of it I believe.

2. Condition with Garnier repairing conditioner
My hair suffers from a lot of breakage. I blow dry but very rarely flat iron, but it still breaks a lot. I started using this conditioner about a month ago and I hope it helps. :) It doesn’t irritate anything so that’s a plus. That’s actually why I went with Garnier. I seem to have success with all of their stuff. And hey, it smells nice.

3. (sometimes) Sunsilk HydraTLC masque – never going to stray
Omg, this masque. It’s amazing. I got it for like $2 at Big Lots. It smells incredible and makes my hair so soft. It contains Keratin (protein). Great product for a cheapo price. It’s in a pink jar.

4. (sometimes) John Frieda Brilliant Brunette color glaze
I just started using this (it’s been used twice now) and honestly I have no idea if it’s helping keep my color or not. But we’ll see. It’s kind of a pain because I have to keep a bar of soap in the shower to wash my hands with immediately after applying (or it’ll stain my hands brown!).

5. mark. Salon Straight Pre-Style Protector – never going to stray
I’m almost done with the bottle of this heat protector but I have a new one ready to go as soon as it’s empty. I towel/air dry my hair til it’s not drippy anymore then spray this in generously, and comb through to get it really all in my hair.

6. CHI Silk Infusion – never going to stray
I use maybe a dime-sized puddle of this for my whole head. A little goes a long way. It’s a good thing because it’s not cheap! At Nordstrom Rack my 6 oz bottle was about $18. This stuff makes my hair feel so silky and soft and I swear it makes the blowdrying process take so much less time! I have extremely thick hair and it seems like my blowdry time is cut by at least a third.

7. Revlon Tourmaline Ionic blow dryer – never going to stray
$30 and it’s the best damn blow dryer around. Seriously, just get one. It has the variable speeds, variable temperature (hot/warm/cold shot) and it’s just dreamy.

That’s pretty much it. If the broken hairs on the top of my head won’t lay flat I use a tiny bit of enjoy pomade (smells like coconuts!) on them. I used to be a big fan of Fekkai glossing cream but since I started using the silk infusion I think it would just be overkill. I have other products floting around in my bathroom too (like Apogee protein spray and a Fekkai protein rx masque), but I rarely use them. I might even swap them. I haven’t decided.

Another aside. If you’re like me and you hate hair spray because of the hard-hat feeling and the gross smell, try Sebastian. It’s in a white can with golden S’s on it. Good stuff.

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