Madonna Launches First Fragrance

Partnering with Coty, Madonna will be launching her first fragrance! With so many celeb fragrances out there, I kind of wonder what took her so long. The fragrance, called Truth or Dare by Madonna, will launch in April 2012 at Macy’s, and then everywhere else in May. Truth or Dare is described as floral, balanced with woods and vanilla. It was aimed that the fragrance represent the duality of the name by balancing dark and light, or something. I just want to know if it smells good, and comes in a pretty bottle. Well, I can answer one of those questions for you now:

Not bad. Not the most beautiful bottle I’ve ever seen, but at least it doesn’t look like an 80’s alcoholic beverage (ahem– Rihanna). I think it represents the name of the fragrance well. Apparently this is only the first we’ll see of the new Truth or Dare lifestyle brand. When you know what a “lifestyle brand” is, let me know.


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