Make Up Forever Holiday 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but this was enough to bring me out of blogger hibernation. If it’s not obvious by now, I love Make Up For Ever. The products are of the highest quality, and every interaction I’ve ever had with any member of the MUFE staff has been perfection. Their holiday collection this year is free of gimmicks, silliness, and fleeting trends and gets back to what makes this brand fantastic: great makeup. Whether you’re a makeup artist, makeup artist to be, or just someone who appreciates a really nice beauty product, you’ll want to send your friends & family to Sephora to do their x-mas shopping for you this year!

MUFE’s holiday offering is 4 collections. I have two of them that I will be swatching and showing off, but for now I just want to give you the low-down on everything.

Wild & Chic Aqua Eyes Collection – $36 ($70.50 value) – in stores & online

The Aqua Eyes Collection comes with 5 travel size Aqua Liners and one full size Aqua Liner. The travel size guys are pretty little, but will still be plenty to get a lot of good use out of. I like the fact that the black one is full size, since that’s most people’s workhorse color. The other colors included are dark metallic grey, navy w/ sheen, blue-green, pearl brown, and metallic purple. I have my fair share of Aqua Liners and these babies are fantastic. They were developed for water ballet performers and they do perform up to task! If you’ve struggled with so-called waterproof liners in the past, try these out. I think you’ll love them.

Wild & Chic Best of Make Up For Ever Collection – $55 ($103 value) – in stores & online

This collection would make such an awesome gift. There’s a little bit of everything; all of MUFE’s best (except the foundation, which would make a really great companion gift to this kit!). There’s mini sizes of the HD powder and primer, a mini black Aqua Liner, a full sized Smoky Lash mascara, and a pinky pearl beige lipgloss that is sure to flatter just about anyone. And then there’s the Aqua Cream. Oh Aqua Creams, how I love you. Aqua Creams are similar to MAC paint pots in the sense that they’re potted cream shadows that you can use as a base, but overall I find them much better as far as wear. The shade included here is a warm champagne shimmer, easily one of their most popular and universally useful shades. (It was also the first one I decided I needed to have!) One thing about this kit too is if you already have one of the items (like me, I already have that Aqua Cream), nothing in the kit would be a bad thing to have two of. They’re all “workhorse” products that having more than one of would actually come in handy.

Wild & Chic Aqua Cream Collection – $175 ($242 value) – not available in stores

When I saw this kit I think my reaction was somewhere along the lines of “…oh my god“. This is Aqua Cream HEAVEN, people!! I know the price tag might seem steep, and this is definitely a high-ticket item, but keep in mind you get 10 Aqua Creams that normally retail for $22 apiece, and a brush. It’s not a flimsy little travel brush either! It’s a full size artist quality brush. These can be shadows, shadow bases, eyeliners, or even blush/highlighter. The versatility of what’s included even further adds to the value. They also come in a nice tin type case (the copy on the Sephora site refers to it as a clutch, but it’s hard-sided so I don’t think that is quite right to say– it’s closer to a pencil case). The whole thing is portable so you could easily slip it into a bag. Cream shadows are so great because you don’t have to worry about them spilling like pigments, or shattering like pressed shadows. The case is designed to hold them upside down, so you can open it up and find the color you want easily. What’s also good about that is when stored upside down cream shadows last longer. I just tested it out, and there is room to slip in an eyeliner or lip pencil comfortably as well (or maybe even a lipgloss in a slim enough tube). I’ll be interested to see if I could fit a mascara in there for the ultimate “on the go” case.

Wild & Chic Collector Case – $330 ($616 value) – not available in stores

Shut. The front. Door. This beautiful traincase comes packed with all of the products in the picture. This would probably be the Best Gift Ever for someone in cosmetology school, or your favorite beauty blogger on your holiday shopping list. ;) It has a little bit of everything to get you started (or further your love affair). Screw blockbuster palettes; this kit blows them out of the water. Of course, the price is substantially higher than most big blockbuster palettes, but I can tell you whoever receives this kit will use everything in it way more than you would use a big huge honkin’ palette. These are professional products that will perform and last– a much wiser buy.

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