Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara

Okay I’ve heard so many raves about this mascara. I’ve heard it gives that false eyelash effect and that it’s basically the end-all volumizing mascara.

If you listen to the raves you’ll expect this mascara to be practically mana from heaven for your lashes. Well, so far I like it a lot, but I don’t love it as much as some of you all do. It is definitely very black which I love and gives me great definition, but I don’t see the insane volume I’ve heard a lot of you all are getting. I’m going to keep experimenting with how to apply it though!

Any application tips would be welcome. Here’s what it looks like on my lashes:

Note that I didn’t apply any to my bottom lashes (obviously, lol) and that the quality of this photo isn’t too great, but even with a lousy picture you can see that this doesn’t exactly make me look like I have false lashes on like I’m hearing about from some of you guys!

 One thing I do really love is that it does not smudge on me at all. Well, ok…it does if you are to say, fall asleep in it (I sleep on my side so I smush my face when I sleep lol) but under normal mascara-wearing circumstances it does not smudge on me. It is not really water-resistant AT ALL though, so please if you think there’s any chance you need that in a mascara, get Smoky Lash Aqua, the waterproof version. Smoky Lash also doesn’t FLAKE on me, which is great because black flakes are not cute at all.

I have heard this mascara is great for holding a curl, even the non-waterproof version. I have not yet tried it with that because I haven’t taken the time to curl my lashes in ages. I officially give you permission to bug me on Twitter about this. :) Because I really do mean to try it soon to give you my opinion of how that works.

All cards on the table, I like another mascara I’ve been road testing lately a bit better than this, and that’s Flirt’s new It Curl mascara. I’ll be reviewing that one soon too!

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