Mom’s Review – Completely Gone Hair Vanishing Lotion

Well readers I have a treat for you today. My mom makes her beauty product reviewing debut! We were sitting around joking about who had the hairiest legs (… I know, I know). I explained that I was letting the stubble grow out a little because I had this depilatory lotion, Completely Gone, to test out and that in my experience they work a little better when you have a little more hair for it to grab on to. She proclaimed there was no WAY my legs had more hair than hers and upon comparison, I agreed. (She is going to kill me for this…) So I suggested perhaps she would like to try the product out. After all, having a beauty blogger living under her roof entitles her to join in on the fun every once and a while, right?

Later that day she came downstairs while Mr. Boyfriend and I were watching the hockey game. “I have a review for you!” she announced, setting the can gingerly down on the coffee table, “stay FAR away!”

Oh, my poor mother. She explained to us that she sprayed a little of the foam on her leg to do the recommended patch test. More came out than she anticipated, and not wanting to be wasteful she decided to just go ahead and smear it all around and hope for the best. After all, who has time for a pesky patch test? I know I’m guilty of skipping them, are you? Well, by the time she’d done that it covered about half her leg so she just went oh heck and did the other half of her leg too. At that point it just had a slight tingle, which she explained didn’t worry her because after all it’s dissolving hair.

“But then after a few minutes…it was on FIRE!” she exclaimed, “I wanted to cut my leg off, GNAW it off!” So she turned on the water for the shower. Now, we have a big house. It takes a little while for the water up in that shower to get warm because the water heater is about as far as you could possibly put it away from her shower. You can imagine how fun waiting a couple minutes with her leg on fire was, right?

At this point the boyfriend and I are like “OMG!!!” and asking her if she’s okay, haha. “Yeah I just squirted practically half a bottle of aloe on it and it feels a little better” she says.

Then Mr. Boyfriend pipes up “but does it remove hair?” Men. Always wanting to ask silly questions.

Not very well, apparently. This probably has to do with the fact that she only had it on a couple of minutes. The directions say to leave it on for 4 minutes, and no longer than 10 minutes. She said she had it on for about 2 minutes. Then we got sidetracked into a conversation about the horrible aftermath that could have occurred if she had been so bold as to apply it to other “more sensitive” areas of the body, cackling away at the possible scenarios.

“Oh, mom, it says it doesn’t have a smell…how’s the smell?”

“REEKS!!!!” she yells. “The cat was curled up against me but took one sniff and ran into the other room! Should you put that in the review too?”

Yes mom, of course.

Product sample provided for editorial purposes. 

Special thanks to mom for taking one for the team.

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