More Newly Discontinued MAC Items

MAC has added some new items to the chopping block! Better check this list to make sure one of your favorites isn’t about to go bye-bye. This may or may not indicate some things we’ll be able to find at CCOs in the near future, too.


Eyeshadow Pots: Prussian, Crazy Cool
Eyeshadow Pans: Prussian, Tete-a-Tint
Pigment: Later
Paint: Base Light
Shadestick: Sharkskin, Taupographic, Beige-ing, Shimmersand, Gentle Lentil
Greasepaint Stick
Pearlglides: Undercurrent, Lord It Up
Liquidlast: Electrolady, Blue Herizon, Powerplum, Coco Bar, Inky, Inkspill, Aqualine
Impeccable Brow Pencil: Black
Dazzle Lash: Star Brunette
Plush Lash: Brownette
Pro Long Lash
Mascara X: Dark Brown
Studio Fix Lash: Studio Brown
Fibre Rich Lash
False Lashes: 35, 42, 46


Lipstick: Mystic, Shitaki, X-S, Eden Rocks, Lamé, Stay in Touch, 3-D, London Life, Honeyflower, Underworld, Deepest Wish
Superglass: Fab Frenzy, Sweet Tart
Dazzleglass Creme: Lightly Prancing, Soft Dazzle, Radiant Jewels, Passing Fancy, Gone Romancin’
Dare to Wear Lipglass: Dare to Dare, Ban This!, Wind Me Up
Pro Longwear Lipcolor: Commitment
Lipgelée: Moistly, Amber Russe
Cremestick Liner: Velvetella
Lip Treatment (the one in the lipstick bullet)
Tinted Lip Conditioner: Plum Perfect


Blush (Pot): Honor
Blush (Pan): Honor, Flame Red
Blushcreme: Posey, Lillicent, Uncommon, Ladyblush, Brit Wit, Laid Back
Mineralize Blush Duo: Light Over Dark, A Little Bit of Sunshine, New Vibe
Bronzer: Refined Deeper Bronze
Iridescent Powder: Belightful


Studio Moisture Fix


Select Sheer / Loose Powder: NW25, NW45, NW35, NW20
Mineralize Satinfinish: NW50
Select Moisturecover: NW50
Select Cover-Up: NW50
Studio Sculpt Concealer: NW50


Brushes: 189, 194
Pencil Sharpener / Duo


Nail Lacquer: Ming Blue, Rain of Flowers, Concubine, Jade Dragon, Sly as a Fox, Style Clan

FRAGRANCE (“Creations”)

MV 1, MV 2, MV 3, Turquatic


Travel Jar .25 oz set of 4
Burmese Beauty makeup bag
MAC Pencils: Beelicious, Wavyblue


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