My Boyfriend on Color Choice

The following is a conversation between my boyfriend Nick and I after I tried on MAC Fresh Brew lipstick.

Me: “I’m trying a new lipstick.”
Nick: “…it looks like mud.”
Me: “HUH? Not really…??”
Nick: “Mud is gritty and gross. Lips should be SOFT and pink…and sensual.”

So then I explain to him how I have naturally pink lips but sometimes if I am using warm colors on my eyes I might want something more neutral on my lips. He asked me what warm colors I might wear on my eyes. I answer bronze, or maybe gold…

Nick: “Bronze or gold?! Those are like, stripper colors. Muffin, are you a stripper?”
Me: “Uh. No?”
Nick: “Exactly.”
Me: “So what colors do you think I should wear on my eyes?”
Nick: “Blue!…and….MAGENTA. And um…….dusty rose.”
Me: “…dusty rose?”
Nick: “Yes. And uh, red!”
Me: “Ok now you’re just screwing with me.”
Nick: “No! I’m not! How about day-glo?”

Sigh, men. Gotta love ’em. :)


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