My Foundation Stash

I have several foundations. I know, I know…why do I need more than one? I’m beginning to ask myself the same question. Part of the reason is I love trying new things and I’m way too impatient to finish one before getting a new one. The other part is because when the weather changes, so does my skin. And when your skin changes, your foundation should probably change too. Very few foundations work for everything. Here’s what I have in my stash, and how I feel about it.

Everyday Minerals Matte Formula in “Fair” – Well the color is great and by great I mean “actually pale enough”. The coverage is pretty good. It’s not so matte that you look dead, either. The coverage is not my favorite, but like I said it’s pretty good.

Alima Satin Matte in “C-0” or “Lily” – Like the EDM, the color is fantastic (paper white lol). The coverage is less than EDM. In fact, the lack of coverage is why I stopped using it. This foundation is great for mineral users with drier skin though, and if you don’t need really full coverage, give Alima a try.

Fyrinnae Matte in “Opal” – Matte is now known as Superpower foundation. And super power it really is. This stuff is budge proof and has the best coverage of any mineral foundation I’ve ever tried. It is almost too matte for me though. I mostly used it as a spot concealer– works great for that.

Revlon Colorstay (old school style) in “Ivory” – This is the old school style because I use the formula that does not contain softflex. SoftFlex is technology Revlon came up with to make Colorstay more budge-proof than the original formula. They also upped the SPF to 15 from its previous 6 (which is more or less useless). Why do I use the old formula? A couple reasons. First, SoftFlex does not agree with my skin. At all. By the end of the day my pores are clogged. Ick. My pores seem rather clog prone. Secondly, when they reformulated Colorstay to add SoftFlex, they changed the shades. Colorstay with SoftFlex in Ivory is actually too yellow for me. Yep, I’m pretty pink haha. This older formula has less coverage than the current Colorstay, but it’s a good medium-to-mostly-full coverage liquid. You can still get it on Ebay or at Big Lots.

Prescriptives Anywear Foundation Stick in “Camellia” – I use this stick foundation kind of like a concealer; I just draw it on my areas where I need the most coverage, blend with a brush, and then do my whole face with powder. It’s very light, and a great option for days when I don’t need much. However, it’s not good for extremes. Not great for when skin is extremely oily, or for when skin is so dry that it is flakey. Neither will produce good results with this foundation because of how emollient it is.

Estee Lauder Doublewear in 1C1 (Shell) – This is still the mac daddy of foundations for me. I have yet to find anything better. It’s full coverage. And by full coverage I mean full coverage. I need very little concealer with this foundation. However, you have to apply only a little at a time. If you apply too much this will get masky and cakey.

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