New Look & Shiny New Features

It’s been a fun weekend full of 80’s music and staying up late for me. I spent a lot of time working hard to find new features to update The Gloss Menagerie. Here’s a list of the new features available!

– Suggestions Tab
This tab hovering around on the right hand of the blog is a suggestions form for you all to suggest topics you want to see blogged about. It should only take you a few seconds to fill out and send.

– GoogleTalk
You can now chat with me on google talk directly from the blog whenever I’m online. To be honest though I often forget to make my status ‘busy’ when I’m away from the computer, so if I don’t respond immediately please don’t get mad. I’ll try to get better about keeping my status updated.

– New Comments System
Gone is the old lame comment system. You can now easily navigate comment threads and see replies as they are indented within the thread (SO much easier to read imo). You can also easily subscribe via RSS or Email to a comment thread. Love it. It will also keep track of mentions about the post elsewhere, like on Twitter.

– Fancy New Graphics & Pretty Colors
I re-did the logo and some of the graphics. They are purple. With stars. Because I like purple things and I like stars. Yeah. I also re-did the social bookmarking links at the bottom of the posts. I like purple.

– Mobile-Friendly Site
There is now a mobile friendly version of The Gloss Menagerie, great for browsing on your iphone, or other much fancier phone than mine. ;) Visit for easy mobile viewing. Eventually I will make it so that the blog knows if you’re on your phone and automatically redirects to this version when you’re browsing from a phone, but as of right now I don’t have that capability.

– Beauty Destinations
I have now posted a widget where you can see all of my Yelp reviews for beauty-related businesses! Of course right now they’re all in so-cal since that’s where I live, but whenever I travel I’ll be sure to add those too. So if you want to know which Ulta is the best, or where to get the best pedicure in so-cal, check it out!

– Product Review Pipeline
This feature has been around for a little bit off and on, but I brought it back. It lists products I am trying out and will be reviewing, in no particular order. It also includes products Mr. Boyfriend has in his pipeline.

– Easy Contact Form
This is mostly for my benefit to avoid spam, but now there is a lovely contact form to reach me quickly. It’s located at the top of the page with the “contact me” button. Use it if you want. :) I love hearing from you.

– Virtual Tip Jar
Towards the bottom of my blog is now a virtual tip jar. As I wrote in my FTC-related post, I fund this blog myself, and it’s not cheap. If you would like to help show your love for the blog by making a small donation, you will be rewarded with a link back to your site! Any money I get indirectly helps fund the blog by helping to keep a roof over this blogger’s head. :)

– Beauty & Fashion Wish List
Just random things I saw online and went “OMG! Want!”. Maybe you want the same things? I’m just sharing. If anyone has anything to say about it, drop me a line. Especially if you have one of the things on my wishlist and it’s not so great, so you can help me kill it!

That is all for now! What do you think of The Gloss Menagerie’s new look and new features?

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