Olivia Garden Ionic Massage Hair Brush

I don’t often use hair brushes. I have a couple, a round brush and a large paddle brush (I wanna say they’re both Conair)…but for the most part, I rely on my fingers and 2 combs to get the styling job done. A plain wide tooth comb and a rat tail or parting comb are pretty much my entire arsenal. Until now, that is.

This brush is just beautiful, to begin with. I love the striped finish. These brushes are bamboo with an ionic cushion. Olivia Garden‘s Ionic Massage Brushes are said to help stimulate the scalp and blood circulation, reduce frizz/static in hair, and add shine. They’re super lightweight and very durable, and made entirely of sustainable materials, including the bristles. 
Post blow dry, my hair can be full of static, and wild. But this brush tames static so well I don’t feel the need to add a bunch of product to my hair to get it to do what I want! I’m a willing participant in the world of hair products, but the fact that this brush cuts down on my dependency on them is pretty darn cool. As for the massaging part, it does actually feel pretty nice to brush my hair with this brush. I recently got feather extensions (post about them coming soon!) and this brush is gentle enough to use on my hair with the extensions that I don’t even need to think about it. I was kind of skeptical about a simple hair brush being able to really make a difference in my hair, but my hair feels noticeably softer after brushing with it. 
Olivia Garden brushes are available at several places on the web, but I noticed they’re for sale on Amazon and eligible for Amazon Prime! Woohoo! The brush I have is the Narrow Paddle Brush, model HH-2. There are several kinds though: a large paddle, two sizes of oval brushes, a vented style, and a combo bristle style. I like the Narrow Paddle for my purposes. My hair is shoulder length and fine. These retail from about $8-9, and I think are worth it if you’re looking for a nice hairbrush that won’t break the bank or fall apart after using.
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