Organization Tip: Wonder Hangers

Have you seen the infomercials on TV for these bad boys? I have seen them, but I hadn’t seen them yet when the boyfriend and I were wandering around Target a few months ago. They come in a box like this:

If you haven’t heard of the Wonder Hanger, they are these nifty plastic hangers that can hang horizontally or vertically. When hanging vertically, they maximize your closet space by holding up to six regular hangers with garments or accessories on them. This picture explains it best:
We have very limited closet space since we had to move in with my parents. Our room is a decent size but we have to share a sort of small closet. Since both the boyfriend and I have a lot of clothes (Mr. Boyfriend is somewhat of a fashionista), this has been problematic for us. The pack of Wonder Hangers comes with 8 of these little gadgets and we figured for about $10 (and returnable if they were epic fail) they were worth a shot.
Their claims:
*Maximizes closet space. (They said you should be able to get 3x as much stuff in your closet.)
*Easy to assemble.
*Easy to take clothes on and off.
*Holds up to 50 lbs
*Clothes won’t wrinkle when stored this way.
I have to say, these babies are pretty darn awesome. I’ve been very impressed with them. The only “assembly” required was to click the hook into the little rack part. Took about three seconds, if that. They definitely help maximize our closet space as you can hang 6 things while taking up about as much space as 2 things. Of course it depends on the bulk of all your items how much space width-wise each cascade of 6 garments will take up. It’s certainly easy to take things on and off the cascade rack without dislodging the other items, too.
As far as holding 50 pounds, I’m not sure. But I have hung up heavy items such as jeans on all 6 hooks with no problems. I also haven’t found any issues with clothes wrinkling from being stored this way. I could see this being an absolutely awesome storage system for purses, too! Most of mine are shoved away in boxes in other parts of the house or I’d try it out.
For $10 this has been one of the best investments in organization we’ve made. I love these. I’m normally an As Seen on TV skeptic, but these are totally worth it! I’d absolutely recommend them if you’re looking for a way to magically create more storage space.


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