Hey all.

It’s been a little while since I just did a random, rambling beauty-related post. :P I am moving house on the 28th of this month, so I’ve been packing up my stash. Wow, it’s a big task. I mean I knew I had a lot of makeup but wow! I have a lot of makeup!! haha. And skincare, and hair stuff, and…yeah. Wow. Anywhoo…no more for me for a while. Not until I purge some things. Now I ask you guys, if I were to offer up some items that are lightly used (some things just barely swiped) would you be interested? As long as they’re sanitary of course.
Second on the agenda to ramble about…nail polish. I’m wearing MAC Love & Friendship from the Rose Romance collection right now. It’s like Lavender Whip lipstick in a nail polish. I love it so hard. It’s seriously gorgeous. I’ve been really into nail polish lately. My favorite brand overall is China Glaze. What do you like?
Oh yes. Also. Enter the Love My Lips contest please. The link to the contest info is —-> over there. The more entries, the more fun it is!


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