Review – Freeman Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask

Freeman Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask
5 out of 5 – would purchase again

The only Freeman products I had any experience with were the apricot scrubs I used as a younger teen because my mom loves them. I thought they were ok and now I know there are better ones out there, but I found myself looking over the various other products the other day in Ulta. I wanted to treat myself to something nice and pampering because that morning I had the unfortunate pleasure of having a blood draw go pretty badly. They had to stick me 4 times and still didn’t get enough blood. I ended up almost passing out…just, not pretty! lol. So I was browsing in Ulta for something lovely to take home and feel better with.

This mask was a tiny bit cheaper than the Queen Helene and got2be masks. I think it was like 3.79 vs 3.99. I had a different pineapple enzyme mask on my wishlist that was $10 more, so I thought why not try a cheaper one first?

Well I no longer want the more expensive pineapple mask because this one ROCKS. I used it exactly as directed– applied generously, let sit for 10 minutes, then rinsed with warm water. I really could see a difference in my skin afterward. I looked less “tired”– we all know how lovely tired skin looks!! And less ruddy, especially on my breakout areas.

I will continue to use this mask probably once a week or so. I have sensitive skin so I don’t want to push it with an AHA product, even if the AHA is from a natural source like pineapple. The only complaint I have is the smell. It smells pineappley but a really artificial pineapple smell. It’s SO not a big deal in the grand scheme of things– this mask is awesome.

While we’re on the topic of skincare, I have changed my routine up a little bit. I now use my clindamycin 1% gel twice a day as well as my DDF benzoyl peroxide 5% gel with tea tree oil twice a day. Since upping the dose to twice a day I have noticed the blemishes decrease in size, and some decrease in redness. It’s very slight, but since I’m keeping such a watchful eye I notice every little difference. I have my first visit with a dermatologist on Wednesday, so that should be interesting! :)


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