Review: GVP Thermal Protection Spray

This review kind of pains me to write. I do not like writing negative reviews. I’m an overall pretty positive person and ranting just makes me feel sad and angsty. However, sometimes it’s really necessary.

I’m a huge fan of Sally Beauty’s GVP (Generic Value Products) line. Like with prescription drugs, they have created ‘generic’ versions of the high-priced beauty products we love. I love their generic version of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (they call it Smoothing Serum). I do not love their generic of CHI Iron Guard, or Thermal Protection Spray.

Please note that I have not actually tried CHI Iron Guard, so I can’t compare the two. However, I’m comparing GVP Thermal Protection Spray to the other similar products I have tried by other brands. The one I was using before this was V05’s Miracle Mist heat defense conditioning spray. My second bottle of it, actually. I decided to swap for the GVP Thermal Protection spray to use when I finished the V05. So the day finally came today.

And talk about disappointment. Despite the fact that I deep conditioned my hair this morning (and earlier in the week as well), after using this spray and blow drying my hair it felt rough, limp, and sort of dry. Not cute!! I just got my hair cut. My dry dead ends are all gone, swept away off the salon floor! So what gives?

This product claims to protect your hair, condition it, and provide “incredible shine”. Nope! Not even. In fact, I went swimming today and afterward I rinsed out my hair. No shampoo, no conditioner, salt pool water and just a rinse. And NOW it feels softer than right after I finished blow drying it this morning.

If you are looking for an inexpensive thermal protection spray for your hair, skip this one. There are plenty of decent ones in the drugstore. The V05 miracle mist is great, TRESemme is another popular one that I thought was pretty okay, and another popular choice is the one I’ll be trying next– got2be’s Guardian Angel. All three of those are in the same price range as Sally’s GVP spray (which is $6.49 or $5.99 depending on if you’re a club member).


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