Review – mark. Make It Go Away Wipes

A makeup remover was a much-requested product by us mark. reps for a really long time. It was something that the mark. line really needed. Our requests have finally been answered with the Make It Go Away Makeup Removing Wipes.

These wipes come 30 to a pack and retail for $8.00. Each wipe is pretty decently sized and the package is small enough for a purse. They are free of artificial fragrance for those of us with sensitive skin. They have a very light sort of generic “clean” smell. After using, my skin feels refreshed. These would be great to keep in your locker or gym bag for after a work out.

I tested removing waterproof makeup with a wipe and it did remarkably well. I was impressed. I didn’t even have to rub much, which is nice because rubbing repeatedly on the delicate eye area can cause wrinkles and irritation. After cleansing with one of these wipes there was a teeny bit of a sticky feeling just until my skin dried. Once dry, no stickiness or residue whatsoever.

Overall these are a nice buy and I would definitely recommend them! If you’re interested, check out my mark e-boutique. :)


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