Review – Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara – Waterproof

I had so much anticipation for this little baby. I couldn’t wait to try it. I picked it up in waterproof (which is black), and tried layering it on the recommendation of a lovely reader/online buddy of mine. ;) I tried layering it with another fave, Rimmel Glam Eyes. I liked it, but I wasn’t sold. It applies kind of…wet. And sticky. Which makes my lashes stick together, which is just plain awkward. Had to do a lot of combing. Next I tried layering it over Maybelline Define-a-Lash Volume. Meh, I like it over Rimmel Glam Eyes better.

Then finally I tried it by itself. Lol…normally that’s my first bet, but since I’d been told it’s a great layering mascara I got a little ahead of myself. Oddly enough I like it by itself best. I do get rather impressive length. It still goes on kinda wet…I tend to prefer dryer mascaras. I have a feeling this one might be similar to Maybelline XXL Curl Power in that it gets a little better with age…in a couple weeks this mascara will probably come into its prime (dry out slightly) and be perfect.
Overall…it’s a nice mascara, I suppose. Would I pay the $15 price tag again? Erm. No. I’d wait for BOGO or a sale or Extra Bucks or something. For that kind of money I’d rather just get MAC Plushlash. Although frankly I prefer not to spend that kind of money on something I will throw out in a few months. ;)
Note…I haven’t tried this mascara over any primers, nor have I tried it after curling my lashes. I will keep experimenting and try those scenarios though, if anyone’s curious. I just need to remember to do it….*hides* I forget. :P


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