Review – NYX Doll Eyes Mascara (Volume)

I have average-length lashes but like a little more volume to make them look more “fringe-like”. Let me just say I LOVE this mascara. It cost me about $7 from
The brush shape for this mascara is interesting. It’s fatter at the base and at the end than it is in the middle, almost hourglass shaped. This enables you to get the shorter lashes at either end of your lid a lot easier and coat every lash. I really love the brush.
I do not have any issues with clumping with this mascara, and it provides excellent volume while also lengthening. It also DOES NOT SMUDGE, which for me is *huge*. Every mascara smudges on me. But this does not budge. In fact, it’s actually a little hard to remove, which is my only qualm with the product at all.


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