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I recently had the opportunity to try some of the beautiful products from Polaris Cosmetics. Polaris Cosmetics is a boutique brand created by makeup artist Cristina Romeo. There are three Polaris studio locations, all in Southern California. If you’re in the area, you really should check them out. They do beautiful work!

Today I’m going to talk about the lip products I have tried. It seems like when choosing a lipstick we often have to choose between a light, moisturizing texture or opaque, beautiful color. Polaris Cosmetics‘ lipsticks don’t make you choose!

I tried their lipsticks in Hyper and Tad, and the colors are absolutely beautiful. Hyper is a bubblegummy pink and Tad is a nude lip suitable for any occasion. The coverage is opaque, but so light and sheer on the lips that you barely even notice you’re wearing lipstick. It’s the lipstick for people who hate lipstick, basically. And they last! Hyper stays on my lips for a long time and then fades down to a pinky stain.
Along with the lipsticks, I tried Polaris’ lip gloss in Quiet, which is a pale nudey color with a hint of pink. This gloss could go over any pink or nude lipstick and look great. These lip glosses feel so nice on the lips, too. They make your lips look full and plush as they contain collagen peptides, which will actually help diminish lines in your lips. So these glosses are like a treatment and a gloss at the same time! They have a very slightly minty scent to them, and aren’t sticky at all.
The lip glosses are $18 and the lipsticks are $20. Both can be purchased from Polaris’ website, which offers free shipping (continental US). While a bit on the pricy side for some, these babies are well worth it if you are looking for quality ingredients and performance.
For more info you should visit their website or follow Polaris Cosmetics on Twitter! I especially recommend you follow them on Twitter if you’re local, because they have fun events. :)


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