Review – Softlips Pure Honeydew

I am a lip balm junkie, for sure. I never go anywhere without a couple of balms on my person at all times. Every time I think of Softlips I remember some article/story in a teen magazine (I don’t remember which one– this was years ago) about a girl who was addicted to Softlips. Like, hardcore addicted. Err ok. Whatever turns you on, kid.

But honestly…of all the things you could be addicted to…um, I really doubt lip balm is up there on the list of things that are going to harm you. ;) Especially this one! Because it’s 100% natural and organic. Now, I do love me some Softlips, that’s for sure, but until trying Pure I wasn’t their biggest fan or anything. It was just somewhere on the middle of the list of balms I enjoy. I would wear it when I wanted some SPF, because other versions of Softlips have SPF 15. (Side note– have you ever sunburned your lips? I haven’t, but in high school my boyfriend did and omg. Not fun!!! Wear that sunscreen, people!) But! Pure. Back to the subject at hand.
Softlips Pure is very similar to other balms that I really enjoy, like Chapstick Lip Butter, Alba Botanica Coconut Creme Balm, and Kiss My Face’s peach lip balm. Seeing a trend here? Organic products. They are just so…creamy and you can really feel them sinking in and nourishing your lips to their softest potential. It’s no shock this one is so nice for me because the primary ingredient is in fact coconut oil. Yum. Slather it on. A thick coating will keep my lips soft and moisturized all night and I wake up with outstanding results. A thin coat makes a nice base for lipsticks that have a tendency to be drying (*cough* MAC frost formulas anyone?).
There’s also all sorts of other good things like shea butter, olive extract, jojoba oil (which is actually a wax…), cucumber, Vitamin E, and sunflower oil. It reads like a list of things I know my skin (particularly the delicate skin on my lips) is going to just loooove. However, I also read that this product contains no animal ingredients/wasn’t tested on animals. Well, the second part of that is true, but if you are vegan just be aware that this does contain beeswax. Organic beeswax (as opposed to..?) but yes, beeswax.
Would I purchase this again? Possibly, but not in honeydew. I really dislike the scent. But I’m decidedly anti-melon-scented-anything, so take that with a grain of salt. I like to eat honeydew melons, but anything scented melon is so gross to me. Luckily for me, this also comes in pomegranate, which is lovely. ;)


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