Review – Ulta Professional Lash Primer

Those of you looking for an affordable lash primer that gets the job done, look no further! I picked up Ulta Professional’s Lash Primer on Friday after being pretty curious about it for a long time. Other lash primers I have tried are Estee Lauder, Clinique, Missha, MAC, and of course Shiseido, which is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of lash primers. I have also tried many of the various dual-ended mascaras from the drugstore that include a primer. My favorite of those I’ve already tried is Shiseido. But dude, Shiseido’s mascara base is $23. Ouch!

Enter Ulta Prof. Lash Primer! This baby is $14. Right now it’s even on sale for $10.50. Clinique’s is pretty cheap (I believe it was $13?) but uh, also horrible. This is cheap and good.

From their site:

“Achieve extreme volume, extra length and lash definition with this nutrient rich Lash Primer. Also increases wear and prevents smudging and flaking. Can be worn with any mascara for soft supple lashes.”

As far as volume, length, and definition, I definitely have all of those. And my lashes are certainly supple. No “crispy lash” syndrome. I have also yet to see a smudge or flake! As far as nutrient-rich, I can’t really tell. By looking at the ingredients, there are some things that look good (I think I read this contains Vitamin E), but I haven’t been wearing it long enough to know if it’s making a difference in my lashes’ health/strength.

Today I’m wearing it with Maybelline Define-a-Lash mascara, and I really love the combination. The primer takes a “pretty good” mascara to a “WOW” mascara. I will definitely repurchase.


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