Review Update – Neutrogena Lip Balm

I wanted to get this update up and out as soon as possible…because I pretty much need to stop using this lip balm entirely. I’m fairly sure that it was actually the culprit of my dry, cracked mouth-corners. NOT COOL! If they weren’t the culprit, I think they were at the very least a contributor because I stopped using it and now over the course of just a couple days my mouth corners are feeling better and not looking dry and flaky. What the heck? This balm feels pretty nice on my lips so I’m bummed, but I won’t keep using it if it’s hurting me obviously!!!

Have you ever had this happen to you with a product? You try and like it…but then discover it’s actually doing more harm than good? Tell me!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that it made everything worse. Thanks for the update on the product.

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