Review Update – Sigma Brushes

Back in November I reviewed the Sigma Face & Eye Kit. If you missed that review, check it out. I have an update of sorts on the kit and it’s very important that you read it!

Just to re-cap, the brushes pictured above are the ones I received. Since my review, I’ve been using the brushes as normal. I’m not a full time MUA so these didn’t get worked super hard or anything, but they began to shed. It’s like it started all at once a few months after my review. I noticed it first with the powder brush (F30). As of when I reviewed it, I’d had it several months and it had not shed at all. Suddenly it seemed it started to shed with startling regularity. Every time I used it I had to pick a few hairs off my face. By this time, I estimate the brush to have been used approximately 8 to 9 months (I was using these for a while before I reviewed them, remember). 
Similar to the F30, my F45 buffer exhibited similar “symptoms”. It went from not shedding at all to shedding every time I used it. I’m not rough on my brushes, and I wash them regularly with an actual brush cleaner (Parian Spirit). 
And then, the last straw. My F50 duo fibre brush also started shedding. What. The. Hell? Something had to be done. I emailed Sigma. I was pleasantly surprised that their customer service responded right away. They sent me replacements, no questions asked. So far, so good. I have been using the replacement brushes without incident. I guess it’ll be a few months to see if this repeats itself. I really have no explanation for why the first set of face brushes started to shed.
I’m sure a lot of you out there have tried Sigma brushes. Did this happen to you? I want to know! 


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