Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruity

Guys I’m obsessed with this lip color. LOOK AT IT. It’s coral-orange smooth buttery goodness! I’m quite cool-toned, and uber pale, and it still works! I have been rocking the hell outta this bad boy lately. It has taken up residence in my purse. 

In this photo I’m wearing it pretty “full on” but you can also wear it sheerer if you’re timid with color. I love the lip butter formula in general. They go on smooth and feel like lip balm, but pack so much color punch! I love that they’re so pigmented but they never sink into the lines of my lips. They just make them look full and luscious. MWAH. The wear time isn’t amazing (but pretty decent all things considered) but frankly I usually drink or eat something before it fades away and I don’t mind reapplying after that kind of activity since it’s to be expected.

This color makes green eyes pop. If you’re green-eyed, BUY IT. NOW! It’s available at pretty much any drugstore and Ulta unless it’s sold out, which unfortunately it is very often since it’s so flipping awesome.

Are you obsessing over any lip colors right now? Which ones?


  1. Robin says

    It looks great on you!  I have green eyes and will be picking this up as soon as I can locate one :) 

    • Alyson says

      Hope you love it as much as I do!!

    • Thanks so much! I ordered mine from Ulta’s website during a free shipping promo. I was tired of looking in-store and finding they all had been used! Eww! Who DOES that?! lol

  2. My fave lip butter!

  3. I am in love with the Sephora + PANTONE lipstick in the Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, and this NARS lipstick I picked up at the same time called Shrinagar. It’s a plumish color, strangely like my natural lip color only slightly deeper. And, of course, I loooooooooove Rhone by Bite, which is a bold red. I am not afraid of color!

    • I haven’t tried Bite yet!! How’s the formula?? Girl I don’t think you’re afraid of anything. Your style is fierce. ;)

      • Bite is like butter for your lips. Very smooth, super pigments, and it contains the same antioxidants as red wine–minus the stained teeth and hangover. I can’t speak its praises high enough. It’s totally worth the price tag ($24). it wears VERY well over lip balm, too, which is really important to me.

        Thanks doll–I try to dress well and style myself well, if you think it’s fierce then I feel REALLY good about it! :)

  4. NA says

    I’m also pale and cool-toned.  When I saw that orange was one of the “in” colors for spring several months ago, I never even thought about it.  What cool-toned pale person can wear ORANGE?  Please.  Yet someone recommended this to me, and like you…I can freakin’ rock it!!!  It’s awesome.

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