Schick Intuition Razor Review

The Schick Intuition Razor is designed to reduce lathering, shaving, and moisturizing all down to one simple step. This is achieved by taking a traditional 4-blade razor blade and encasing it in a “conditioning solid”, a solid moisturizer that lathers when wet.

It’s not a new product, but there are some limited edition handle designs out right now that are super cute. This is the one I have, which is pink for the special pomegranate extract in its conditioning solid.

The handle is designed to be easy to hold without being slippery, and it does its job well. It fits into the hand well and isn’t awkward, which I was kind of worried about because it’s considerably more bulky than other razors. Here’s a better look at the razor itself:
As you can see there is a 4-blade razor which pivots within the conditioning solid. I have been using 5-blade razors lately (Venus Embrace), but I have always been curious about the ease of something like the Schick Intuition so I was eager to give this a try. Like most razors it comes with a little suction cup holder to stick on the shower wall. It also comes with one refill blade/conditioner. 
The directions on the razor instruct to wet the razor and solid and then start shaving as usual. I have quite sensitive skin so I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical and figured I would probably need additional shave lotion, but I am happy to report that they are not kidding when they say this thing lathers. It really lathers like crazy. And unlike shave lotion that you pre-lather and shave with, this builds more lather as you go. The lather itself is very moisturizing and silky feeling. I enjoyed it a lot. The pomegranate extract adds a really nice scent to it as well. It’s not overpowering and doesn’t really linger on the skin, but it added to the pleasant shaving experience. After shaving I really felt no need to add additional moisture to my legs with lotion. I toweled off and was ready to go. The Schick Intuition really does live up to its promise of one easy step, much to my surprise. 
As for the blade and shave itself, it does a good job. The 5-blade Venus Embrace does give me a closer shave, but this handles the job pretty well. The hair on my legs isn’t particularly fine or coarse, so if your hair texture varies you may have a different experience. However, my opinion is that this does a pretty excellent job of removing unwanted hair. 
Even if you are already content with the razor you have, you should consider the Schick Intuition if you travel a lot. The one-step of this product makes packing extra shave lotion unnecessary, and you won’t need more than a tiny bottle of lotion on your trip if you don’t have to slather it all over your legs every time you shave. You should also give this a shot if real estate in your shower is at a premium because of tight space. Fewer products in your bathroom will be a bonus to the great shave you just got. 
Have you tried the Schick Intuition? What do you think of it? What razor do you usually use?

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