Shopping Rave – Beauty Joint NYX Haul

Because of the complete and total fail of the NYX Anniversary Sale (I’m not going to get into detail, there are plenty of blogs and youtube videos about it), I gave up on placing my sale order and placed a smaller (but still fun) order on Beauty Joint instead. I just had to do a post about this site,  because I am utterly blown away! Beauty Joint sells NYX cosmetics at lower prices than on the NYX website. I was mostly interested in round lipsticks, which used to be a dollar and are now $4 on the NYX website. Beauty Joint has them for $1.99 apiece. They also have much better product photos than most sites that carry NYX products.

The shipping from Beauty Joint is is ridiculous in all the right ways. There is a $1.00 handling fee, and then I had the option of 1-2 day mail for $5.95 or 3-5 day mail for, get this, $2.90. Yeah. I picked the 3-5 day shipping. I checked out through Paypal and received an order confirmation immediately. But what blew me away is a few hours later, I got a shipping confirmation with tracking number. Their website says same day international shipping, and they really aren’t kidding.

You guys, I placed this order yesterday. It arrived today. After paying $2.90 shipping + $1.00 handling fee. Unfortunately they have to charge tax since they’re apparently in California as well, but them’s the breaks. The shipping and handling + tax is still cheaper than the gas I’d have to use to drive to a store that carries enough NYX to get what I ordered. And it came over night. Um, can you say customer for life?

And now, the haulage! First, the Round Lipsticks…

Round Lipstick “Thalia” – rosy pink nude
Round Lipstick “Pumpkin Pie” – peachy nude
Round Lipstick “Orange Soda” – peachy nude. Looks similar to Pumpkin Pie, but Orange Soda is lighter and slightly less warm.
Round Lipstick “Louisiana” – Gorgeous bright pink with a bit of coral. Actual color is a little brighter.
Round Lipstick “Indian Pink” – light warm pink that flashes gold
Round Lipstick “Fire” – beautiful bright pink that leans a bit warm
Round Lipstick “Fig” – mid-toned warm pink
Round Lipstick “Femme” – Insanely bright coral. 
Round lipsticks are very slick and moisturizing on the lips. They have a lot of slip, and are very saturated in pigmentation. You have to be kind of careful with them though, because the lipstick bullets themselves are quite soft. They feel very comfortable on the lips, and the color range is enormous. They have a very faint artificial fragrance that smells vaguely perfume/fruity, but it doesn’t last and I don’t smell it once it’s on my lips. Overall they are very nice lipsticks especially for the price. You might have to reapply more often than other lipsticks, but that’s a small price to pay when they feel and look so nice on.
NYX Girls Nail Polish “Carnival” – rainbow glitter of varying sizes (I’m hoping this satisfies my yen for Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday”!)
I’ve tried a few NYX nail polishes and really have no complaints, but I’ve never tried these so I thought I’d give this NYX Girls polish a try. I do not know what the difference is between NYX and NYX Girls, I just saw rainbow glitter and went “mine? mine? mine?” The NYX Girls nail polishes come in a zillion shades and finishes. This one is absolutely lovely, so unless it causes my fingers to turn blue and fall off I am pretty sure it won’t be my last.
Oh! I almost forgot. With my ship confirmation, I got a code for a small % off my next order. So you bet I will be ordering again sometime. I had a fabulous experience with my first Beauty Joint order. Nothing in this video was sponsored at all, I just had to share the experience!


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