Sigma Makeup Face & Eyes Kit Review

This review is long overdue. I’ve been using my Sigma brushes like crazy ever since I got them. I already had a couple Sigma brushes that I was completely gaga for when I was sent this kit for review, so please don’t think I’m saying I love them because I got them from Sigma. People have actually asked me that when I mention I like Sigma brushes. Honestly, I find it kinda rude and insulting that they’d even ask that. :( 
A lot of people ask if they’re “worth it”. Absolutely 100% yes I think they are worth the money. I use these brushes alongside high end brushes from MAC and Laura Mercier and the quality is comparable. It might seem like a lot of money to spend on brushes, but these are great brushes. Sigma brushes used to have numbers that matched similar MAC brushes, but they have re-vamped the line and now they have E brushes (eyes), F brushes (face), and one L brush (lips). I really like this particular kit because the assortment you get is, for me anyway, very functional. There’s nothing here I don’t use on a regular basis. The Face & Eyes Kit costs $54 from All of the brushes in Sigma’s Face & Eye Kit can be purchased “a la carte” as well, but since the brushes in the kit are a $78 value purchased separately, this kit is a great deal!
Face Brushes

F45 Buffer – This buffer brush (or kabuki as some people call them) is really fabulous. It’s quite fluffy and dense. Sigma suggests using this to apply minerals or to buff and blend out colors. I use it for the latter. It really is a great brush to blend out blush, or even foundation just to get everything really even and flawless. The quality of the brush is very good too. I think it has maybe shed a single hair if that. There’s nothing more annoying than a buffer brush that sheds like crazy because then you’re picking little hairs off of your face. And if you miss one, well uh, you look like you missed a spot shaving your chin or something. Awkward! I also hate when buffer brushes are too scratchy. It’s one thing to have flawlessly blended makeup, but if it irritates the hell out of your skin while doing it, that’s pretty useless. This one feels soft and smooth. It’s a very good density too. Not so dense that it’s impossible to clean, but it’s not too floppy either. If you’ve ever tried the ELF studio kabuki brushes, they’re much floppier than this one. The buffer brush is made with natural bristles and is $19.00 purchased individually.
F30 Large Powder – I wasn’t expecting to love this brush as much as I do. It’s huge. When they say large powder they MEAN it! It has a rounded top. This brush is fluffy and dense but not as much as the buffer brush. Before I got the F30 I did not use this type of brush very much. However, now I find myself reaching for this all the time! I use it to apply my color-correcting powder (ELF Complexion Perfection), my finishing powder (Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish), and even bronzer and/or contouring. For bronzer I used to use an angled brush but I actually get a much more natural look with this powder brush. It has never shed a single solitary hair, and that impresses me because it gets a lot of use! The handle is thicker than some of my other brushes, but I don’t really have any positive or negative feelings about that. It feels sturdy and well made when I use it, not cheap with a wiggly ferrule or anything like that. I love how soft the brush is too. The large powder brush is made with natural bristles. $16.00 purchased individually. 
F50 Duo Fibre – Duo fibre or stippling brushes are a pale girl’s best friend. They are ideal for applying those really pigmented blushes without making you look like a clown. Many people also use them to apply liquid foundation, which is the primary function of this brush. It’s quite large, comparable to the MAC 187 brush, but honestly I think the Sigma is softer and more pleasant to use. Like the F30 brush it has a thick handle that feels substantial in the hand when you’re using it, and also doesn’t shed. I haven’t used it for applying foundation because I really prefer using a sponge for liquid foundation to any other method, but it’s fantastic for blush! I use it when I’m using something like Rock & Republic blush because those are crazy pigmented. The F50 Duo Fibre brush is made with a blend of natural and synthetic bristles. $16.00 purchased individually.
Eye Brushes
$9 each purchased individually.

E30 Pencil – This brush is comparable to MAC’s 219, which is oh just one of my favorite brushes of all time. So now I have 2 brushes like that. Hooray! I love the pencil brushes for crease work. They are also good for the inner corners of your eyes. Honestly I don’t think there’s any difference between this brush and MAC’s, and I use them completely interchangeably on myself and others. Sigma suggests you could use the E30 for smudging out liner or for emphasizing your outer V, which I definitely use it for as well. The E30 pencil brush is made with natural bristles.
E55 Eye Shading – This short shader brush is ideal for work on the lids of your eyes. They pack on color like a champ. Works for pressed or loose shadows, but I have more experience with using it for pressed shadows since they are primarily what I use. Good for intensifying and layering color! The construction is very nice, and over all this is a solid basic that would be useful to anyone’s brush kit. This brush has natural bristles.
E40 Tapered Blending – I feel like I have a billion blending brushes like this. It’s similar to the MAC 224, Stila #9, and several others. Oddly enough I started using this to blend concealer. I have seen a few other bloggers/youtubers do this and decided to try it. I really like the effect. It gives concealer a very natural finish, much moreso than with traditional concealer brushes. While not terribly unique, the E40 or a brush like it is a necessity in a brush kit, so I think it works well as a part of the Face & Eyes Kit. The tapered blending brush is made with natural bristles. 
If you’re interested in buying Sigma brushes, I’d really love it if you’d use my Sigma affiliate link. I get a commission on sales using that link, and proceeds help me with the costs of running the blog and supporting myself since I do not have a job right now. :\
Product sample provided for editorial purposes.


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