So Fashionable Right Now…

I have always maintained that this is a beauty blog, and have always focused very little on fashion. That is because I tend to focus very little on fashion in life. I touched on it briefly in my panicked post about what the heck to wear to my boyfriend’s step-dad’s wedding (which by the way, was such a blast), but I am really not a fashion plate in any way shape or form. I can appreciate nice clothes on other people, but really have yet to graduate into grown-up fashion.

There are many reasons why I haven’t really bothered. One is I’m incredibly cheap when it comes to clothes. I hate spending money on them. Another is that while I love getting new clothes, I really hate shopping for new clothes. I hate fitting rooms. They’re usually badly lit, hot and stuffy, and have really bad music– and that’s before you even start trying things on! I am not the easiest person to find clothes for. I’m plus sized, very curvy (a trunk full of junk, lol) but I’m also only 5’2″. And picky, especially when it comes to patterns. I have become more open minded about colors though. I used to only wear a few different colors (lots of black, purple, red), but more recently I have been introduced to a whole bevy of hues that can flatter me if I pair them up correctly.

Ah but there’s the rub again– pairing things up. Making outfits. Finding things that fit. And then persuading my broke ass to shell out any money for a decent wardrobe. I am trying to change this cycle of frumpy garments though, and thank goodness I have a fantastic fashion advisor in Mr. Boyfriend. He is very stylish, fashion-conscious, and admittedly a little bit of a brand whore. But it’s just that kind of push I need out into the world of grown-up clothes. I have a real grown-up career, I’m 23 years old, and dammit it’s time to dress like a woman.

So, moving forward, I will be talking a bit more about fashion, especially plus sized fashion as that is what applies to me. ;) I want to chronicle my fashion “journey” as I figure out this whole business of dressing myself. This will always be a beauty blog first and foremost, though! I hope you guys don’t mind the change.


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