Sponsored Giveaway: Lip Clear Lysine+

 I was recently contacted on behalf of the makers of Lip Clear Lysine+ to let me know about their product. I personally don’t suffer from cold sores, but according to them more than 60 million of you do, so I thought I should let you guys know about this product. It sounds cool to me, and if I did have cold sores I’d definitely want to know about it.

Lip Clear Lysine+ is an ointment for cold sores that will instantly relieve the symptoms (itch, burning, etc.). They promise no burning sensation upon application, no chemical taste, and that the product will wear under lipstick just fine– good to know. It’s clear, so no one has to know. Lip Clear is also all-natural, which I really like. The best part? It’s clinically proven to cut healing time in half!

Lip Clear is made a combination of natural ingredients that includes zinc and of course lysine, which is a natural amino acid. Lysine is sold OTC in pill form as an immune system supplement, and it also helps boost collagen production. I even give lysine to my cats (note: under a vet’s advice).

Lip Clear Lysine+ is $6.99 and available at drugstores, health stores, supermarkets, and online at their website: www.lipclear.com where you can also find a store locator and printable coupon. :)

Now the giveaway part!

Enter to win a free tube of Lip Clear Lysine+ to try it out (winner– please tell me how you like it! I’m curious.). Entries will be kept private so do not worry about spam to your email address. Contest will close Friday afternoon (I’m on Pacific Time). This giveaway is sponsored by the makers of Lip Clear Lysine+.

Note: While this is a sponsored giveaway, I am not receiving any kind of payment or freebies for posting. I just wanted to pass the word along so YOU guys can get a freebie. ;)

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