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Sooo there’s this site you might have heard of where a lot of beauty gurus like to post videos…hmm, Youtube sound familiar? :)

Yeah. Have you read some of the comments on beauty guru videos on there? Or the rant-tastic whiny rails against certain members of the beauty community on YT? It’s beyond absurd!
I don’t have any videos on Youtube. Part of the reason is because I know I’d just prattle on like an idiot– I ramble. And also because I haven’t bothered learning how to make a video for YT. Maybe I will sometime, maybe I won’t. I do, however, have a lot of respect for those who do. While I’ve never posted videos online, I have performed on a stage many times. To present yourself to an audience, to allow yourself to be that vulnerable, is a scary thing. So whether or not the particular Youtuber is my cup of tea, I still give them props for putting themselves out there like that.
Things like Youtube and Twitter are conversations, people. Like in any social situation, the easiest way to join in is to just jump in to the conversation. Something thoughtful and relevant to add to the discussion is going to get you way further. A YT guru asking you to read the information they have posted in the sidebar of the video before asking a question is not being a jerk. They put that information there for a reason, and that reason is to be helpful to you and to save time answering questions they have already anticipated will be asked. Frankly, it’s mildly disrespectful not to read that info first. It’s lazy.


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