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About a month ago (yeah, this post is overdue…what else is new…) I attended a fun Benefit event at Macy’s in Westminster. I got my makeup done by supersweet MUA Katie, and she and I talked about the latest and greatest (and some cult favs) from Benefit! Inspired, here is my list of favorites from Benefit. If you’re new to the brand, or just want to try some new things, check these out!


They’re Real Mascara 
Ohhhh my lordy where do I even start? The first time I tried this mascara was in a little sample sized tube from a Sephora Lash Stash, and I thought “ok what is all the hype about?”. I was NOT impressed. I didn’t dislike it but I just didn’t get why it seems everyone loves this mascara. Okay, fast forward to Katie applying some on me and then giving me a full size tube of this to try out. ZING! I must apologize, Benefit! This stuff is “f&cking awesome” as Macklemore would say. Lightweight, full flirty lashes – isn’t that what we all want? That’s what this mascara delivers. I don’t know why my little sample wasn’t as good, but I’ve been converted! I am a believer!

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup
The spiffy liquid foundation with the entirely too long name. Now, I like a foundation that looks like nothing. In other words, I want it to be lightweight, give me coverage, but not look too masky. I have freckles. I want them to show through. I like a very natural and luminous finish. This foundation really delivers all of the above! It also has SPF 25 PA+++ in it, which is a really nice added bonus. FYI, the +++ rating is the highest you can get! I was surprised that the lightest shade is indeed pale enough for me. Over all this is a really nice foundation and I would definitely consider it if you like a similar coverage.

Boi-Ing Industrial Strength Concealer
Boi-Ing is such a FABULOUS concealer for dry skin. It covers with a more forgiving texture than other potted concealers. It’s not nearly as dry as something like MAC Studio Fix concealer, but it covers the same way. If you set it with a powder it is very long lasting. It does last all day on me. The shade range used to be somewhat limited (3 shades) but they have expanded the selection with 2 additional shades. I think sometimes this concealer gets overlooked because it’s been around for a while. Instead of always running out for the newest concealer, give this classic a try!

Dandelion Box o’ Powder
Another classic top selling Benefit item that I love. They describe this one as a brightening powder, and for most of you that’s pretty much what it’s going to be. I can wear it as a blush because I’m so fair and it can stand on its own on such a pale canvas, lol. This is a very pale sheer pink that adds radiance to a dull complexion. It’s the kind of blush you really can dust across your nose or on your forehead a little and look sunkissed vs. looking insane. :)

Eye Bright
I know I’ve talked about my love for Eye Bright on the blog before, but let’s rehash – it’s a pale pink pencil that you can add under your brows, in the inner corners, under your eyes, on the waterline, anywhere really. It brightens up your eyes like no other! I also LOVE this for the redness I get right at the outer corners of my eyes during allergy season when my eyes are looking irritated (probably from me rubbing them, tsk tsk).

Dallas Box o’ Powder
I have a habit of using multiple blushes on my face. I love the depth you can get from your colors simply by mixing them or pairing them closely with another color. Take Dandelion for instance – on its own, it’s just a pale matte pink. But deepen it with a little hint of Dallas and you’ve got something really special – a rosy bronze that fades into a pretty pale pink. Dallas’ rose-bronze color is unique and looks great as an alternative contouring shade with pinky blushes.

High Beam
Hmm, I’m noticing a pattern – Benefit really knows how to make an amazing pale pink highlight. High Beam is no exception! This liquid highlighter is wonderful for accentuating cheekbones, or any other areas you want to highlight. A little bit goes a long way, making it a worthy investment in your stash. The liquid format is easy to apply and blend with your fingers wherever you want an extra bit of ‘light’ in your complexion.

Ultra Plush Gloss in Hoola
Hoola is a beloved member of their Box o’ Powder line, but more recently debuted  in their new(ish) Ultra Plush lip glosses. Hoola in gloss form is described as “shimmering golden nude”, and on me it just adds a warm sheen to my lips. The texture of these glosses is so nice. They almost feel balmy – they totally nailed it creating a plush gloss that lives up to its name. Hoola is the kind of color that would go with a variety of looks both on top of another lip color or on its own.

Benefit is available all over the place! Check out Sephora, Ulta, Benefit Cosmetics’ own website, or best of all go to one of their Brow Bars like the one I went to in Westminster. Brow Bars offer a menu of reasonably priced services that includes brow shaping, facial waxing, and lash applications. To find a Benefit Brow Bar near you, use their Store Locator and look for locations marked Brow Bar. If you’re local and want to try out the Westminster location, give them a call at 714.657.3333. If you see Katie, tell her Alyson at The Gloss Menagerie sent you! :)

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