The New Adventures in Skincare

Hey all,

I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately because I’m starting my brand new skincare routine after my visit to the dermatologist on Wednesday! I have been wearing just a little tinted moisturizer and powder if anything at all.

If you’re curious, my TM of choice right now is CoverGirl Smoothers in Fair-Light. It’s very sheer coverage with a physical sunscreen SPF 15 (that means it’s titanium dioxide). I really like this TM because it doesn’t make me look shiny or greasy, and because of the physical sunscreen vs. chemical. Chemical sunscreen and I do not mix. My powder of choice is Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent. It works great for camouflaging my large pores on my cheeks and giving my face and overall softer finish while maintaining matte-ness.

The derm visit left me with 3 new prescriptions and an almost completely new routine. However, he said my cleansers (Philosophy Purity Made Simple and MAC Cleanse-Off Oil areperfect and to keep using them. He also said that about my Alba Botanica Sea Lipid Daily Cream moisturizer. He said I may want to change moisturizers down the line beceause my new treatment regimen could cause drying, but that’s the only change he’d make there.

He has suggested I switch to mineral foundation, which I don’t mind except I haven’t been able to find one I really love. It’s hard! There’s a zillion companies out there making mineral foundations. I have an order from Meow Cosmetics on its way to me after researching foundations with 2 criteria in mind. I want my mineral foundation to have medium to full coverage, while still being non-irritating on sensitive skin. I chose Meow Cosmetics’ Pampered Puss formula based on my research. I’ll be sure to update what I think once it arrives sometime next week.

This is my new skincare routine:

AM – Morning
– Cleanse w/ whatever (usually MAC Cleanse-Off Oil)
– apply Duac (benzoyl peroxide 5% & clindamycin 1.5%)
– apply moisturizer (Alba Botanica)

PM – Evening
– Cleanse/remove makeup
– apply Ziana (clindamycin & tretinoin– a retinoid)
– apply moisturizer

Along with that, I’m taking a low dose of doxycycline every evening. Doxy is an oral antibiotic. So my routine includes a lot of antibiotic! That will hopefully kill the deep infection that causes cystic acne and get me well on my way to clearer skin! As a bonus, the retinoid will help the fine lines I have on my forehead. ;)

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