Tips for Organizing Your Makeup and Beauty Products

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Are your cans of hairspray, tubes of lip gloss, bottles of nail polish and powder compacts slowly taking over every inch of your bathroom vanity? This is a common problem in many bathrooms, as there are so many products that we need on a daily basis — but that add up to a lot of clutter.

This post will explain how you can organize your beauty products in a way that makes them easy to access without overwhelming your space. It will also highlight the benefits of keeping your bathroom organized, such as safety, cleanliness, saving time and being prepared for impromptu guests.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Bathroom Organized

Although spending the time to organize your bathroom might seem like a pain for those who are not naturally neatness inclined — there are a number of benefits to keeping your bathroom organized and tidy. First of all, one of the major benefits to a tidy bathroom is that you will be able to find all of your beauty products when you need them. You won’t have to rush around looking for your shimmer eye shadow or your hair brush when you’re late for work. Everything will have a rightful place and you will be able to get ready in record time.

Secondly, another major advantage to keeping your bathroom organized and tidy is that everything will be much cleaner. Leaving makeup compacts lying around or tubes of lotion open makes them susceptible to bacteria, which you will eventually be applying to your face! Keeping everything tidy will ensure that your products are clean and pleasant to use.

Also, when you have a clean and well-organized bathroom you never have to worry about impromptu guests that show up unannounced. You will be able to be the perfect host no matter what and your guests will be able to use your bathroom without having to wade through piles of clutter.

Bathroom Organization Tips

So now that you’re sold on the benefits of organizing your bathroom, here some tips to help you do so in the most effective way possible.

  • Look through a bathroom design website. Find a bathroom vanity with a lot of drawers, cupboards and storage space so that you can store the items that you need.
  • Divide your drawers. At any home décor store you will find drawer dividers that have different sized sections, such as the type that are used for storing cutlery in the kitchen. These are perfect for makeup because you can keep your items such as lip glosses separate from your eye shadows and avoid having everything jumbled together.
  • A hanging organizer on the back of the bathroom door is another brilliant solution to clutter problems. These can usually be found at most home product stores and are quite inexpensive.
  • Clear plastic containers are great for storing items like nail polish. You can see exactly what’s inside without having to dig through the container.
  • If you have a lot of beauty products, you can invest in a tower storage unit to keep everything separate and accessible.
  • Take inspiration from the kitchen and find decorated plates and trays to store your most attractively packaged cosmetics, and other products.
  • Install a small shelf and arrange your nail polish colors on it, according to the hues of the rainbow. It makes for a beautiful design element while keeping the bottles off the counters.
  • Avoid keeping your beauty products in a sunny window sill. Exposure to light and heat over time will cause serious damage.
  • There are many cute designs of toothbrush holders that you can attach to the wall. They could also easily be adapted to become places to keep your makeup brushes and hair brushes.
  • Try using a glass container and filling it with marbles or coffee beans. Stick the makeup brushes in the marbles and they will stand up by themselves, so that the bristles will not be crushed or damaged. This can look quite chic and stylish in the right bathroom.

These are just a few fun ways that you can organize your makeup and beauty products so that your bathroom will be kept neat and tidy.


About the Author: Lisa Morgan is a fashion and beauty blogger and mother of two. She is addicted to lip gloss and has a collection of dozens of different colors — all arranged within clear plastic tubs in her bathroom.

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