Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

I love being a pale girl. I have options. If I want an Elizabethan-era pale look, I’ve got it w/ no effort. Hell, if I want to look like a corpse it doesn’t even take THAT much effort…you’d be shocked how easily I pulled this look outta my face…see my neck/chest? No makeup on that. I’m really pale. Convincing, no?
p.s. wtf was I thinking with my brows? those look awful. glad this was over a year ago…
Anyway! I can also become a bronzed sun bunny whenever I want, minus the cancer. Except that a lot of bronzers look really freaking orange on me. So I was kinda dubious about this bronzer from TooFaced. It just looks so dark. But a.) it has cocoa powder in it so it smells like CHOCOLATE and b.) I heard from several people that it will NOT be orange.
Hmm, okay I’ll bite. Well what do you know? It’s not orange. No, in fact it’s a nice warm chocolatey tone that doesn’t look orange at all. You all know what a big fan I am of being orange ;) I just use a very light hand, because this bronzer is very pigmented, and I don’t need a whole lot. And the smell…oh it’s so yummy. But the cocoa powder isn’t just added to make it smell nice. Cocoa powder actually has soothing properties for your skin and helps neutralize redness!
Let me just clarify one thing here: it smells yummy. You are not supposed to eat it. Someone mentioned in a review on Sephora that it tastes great. Actually more than one person has mentioned a taste. Yeah. WTF? Please do not eat the bronzer.


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